Multi-Channel Sales Order Management

Provide a seamless sales ordering service

Attract more customers with OGL's Sales Order Software. Streamline your sales order management, across all channels, into one centralised system to enable an automated and efficient workflow that boosts reputation and maximises revenue.  

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    Full visibility from enquiry to dispatch
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    Fully integrated eCommerce
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    Auto-allocate stock or raise purchase orders
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    Specific trade counter interface
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    View profit margins on all orders

Integrated Order Management Software

From sales enquiry, right through to dispatch, OGL Software's Sales Order Processing Solution will automate and manage your orders in the most effective way possible. Connecting every area of your business, through multiple sales channels, you’ll have a clear view of your orders. Right from initial communication, throughout the sales process, stock allocation, purchasing, warehouse management and finance, you’ll be in full control. 

Get orders out faster

Remove the manual tasks from your order management processes that can cause costly errors, to improve productivity, order fulfilment and efficiency. Get the right products to the right customers quickly to improve your reputation, increase repeat orders and customer retention rates.

Improve sales performance & increase revenue

Increasing your routes to market to boost sales revenue has never been easier. OGL Software will enable you to increase orders and boost sales activity from your sales reps, trade counter, online shopping channels or eCommerce store without the extra overhead costs.


Core features of OGL Software's Intuitive Multi-Channel Software

Integrated point of sale

The OGL Software  point of sale interface makes selling at your trade counter, trade shows and events simple and effective. Developed with our customers’ needs in mind, our point of sale interface makes adding a sale, viewing product details, checking real-time stock levels, handling discounts and up-selling and cross-selling seamless. OGL Software arms your sales teams with the tools to deliver quality, personalised customer service whilst also hitting sales targets.

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Automate purchasing decisions

Set rules to raise purchase orders on out-of-stock items so stock is automatically allocated to the sale when it arrives at the warehouse. Fulfil orders from customers regardless of the stock you hold and OGL Software will seamlessly allocate stock for back orders, pre orders and partially allocated orders effectively so your warehouse team doesn’t need to worry about manually checking stock and outstanding orders.

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Seamless data flow to eCommerce channels

OGL Software integrates with Amazon, eBay and your eCommerce website to enable seamless data flow of customer account information, product details, pricing and stock levels, so you’ll avoid overselling and deliver a personalised service, no matter where your customers buy from you. Bulk import price lists and product information that filters to all sales channels and track real-time stock levels without the endless manual admin.

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Easy carrier integrations

Whether you use your own vehicles to deliver customers’ orders, or you use a third-party carrier, OGL Software has the functionality to streamline both.

OGL Software seamlessly integrates with Easypost, the simple shipping API that gives you more flexibility and control over your shipping and logistics processes. Integrating with the most well-known carriers means you can easily automate your dispatching and delivery process for optimum efficiency.

Personalised customer account terms

Easily view financial and order history for any account and place re-orders, raise invoices and order confirmations all from the order screen. Plus access to their specific account terms including special pricing, discounts, payment terms, credit limits and more. These account terms are accessible to your reps in the field and for all your sales channels so your customers get the same experience no matter how they shop with you.

Returns order management

Stay on top of returned orders for optimum stock control in OGL's Order Management Software. Never lose money through dead stock and ensure the customers are reimbursed on time. Easily track and manage returns for a seamless transition back into sellable stock so you’re always one step in front.  

Comprehensive sales reporting

Report on your biggest sellers and spenders, your top-performing sales reps, your leakage and sales opportunities as well as seasonal trends to ensure your business grows. OGL's Sales Reporting Software features customisable dashboards and workspaces that will give you and your team members the key pieces of data they need to stay on track, improve sales forecasts and performance.

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Sophisticated pricing functionality

With thousands of product lines and customers, you'll inevitably have thousands of price combinations and customer pricing structures. OGL Software handles these with ease across all your sales channels. Minimal effort for maximum impact on your customer service and efficiencies. 

OGL Software, the powerful multi-channel order management solution created for wholesalers and distributors.

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“We now deliver 99.9% of customer orders complete, saving both time and money on delivery costs, which improves our customer relationships as they know we will not let them down. These improvements have led to greater profitability for us.”

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