OGL pledges to help dogs facing an uncertain future

As a nation of dog lovers, it’s heart-breaking to see the dire situation that is currently facing many dogs in poorer countries.  Several UK charities are working with small charities (often just selfless individuals) in Eastern European countries including Romania and Bosnia where abandoned dogs are being rounded up and dumped into “kill shelters” (and they are as awful as they sound!). These charities are working tirelessly to get the dogs out of these shelters and transporting them to other European countries such as Germany, Holland and the UK where they can be rehabilitated and rehomed with loving families.

But these UK charities are facing funding shortages of their own which is limiting the number of dogs they can try and save.

At OGL we have lots of dog owners and dog lovers, some of whom have already adopted dogs from these countries and are experiencing just how much these dogs appreciate feeling safe and loved.

We have pledged to lend our support to two local charities in 2021 who are working hard to give these dogs a real chance at a happy and healthy life: Amicii Dog Rescue in Worcester and Forest Dog Rescue in Far Forest.

OGL has donated £1000.00 to fund an urgent vaccination appeal to protect against Parvo, which is a deadly virus spreading fast through Romania that kills puppies.

These charities need our help, and you can show your support by donating or becoming a sponsor. There's even the option to make simple donations to Amicii Dog Rescue whilst doing your everyday online shopping, or to Forest Dog Rescue through buying a lottery ticket in the local Community Lottery. Alternatively, you can adopt a rescue dog; or, if you are not able to commit to adopting, maybe consider whether you could offer a temporary home as a Foster Carer where you can provide vital support to dogs that need time to rehabilitate and adjust to living in a home before they are matched with their forever family.

Let’s do something great together and help change the lives of these poor dogs that are facing such terrible circumstances.