Take control of your orders across all sales channels

Our Profit4 ERP software can integrate with popular eCommerce platforms (such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Amazon) as well as your Trade Counter. So your sales order processing team will have complete visibility across all channels.

With features to suit each department, it also ensures everyone within your business is using one easy-to-use software.

  • How your order processing team can use Profit4 icon#1
    Maximise productivity
  • How your order processing team can use Profit4 icon#2
    Get orders out faster
  • How your order processing team can use Profit4 icon#3
    Outperform the competition
  • How your order processing team can use Profit4 icon#4
    Deliver excellent customer service
  • How your order processing team can use Profit4 icon#5
    Easily manage multi-channel orders

Feature-rich to simplify those labour-intensive tasks

With Profit4, your order processing team can pick, pack and ship more effectively to improve KPI’s that’ll put you ahead of the competition.

Profit4 sales order processing screen on a laptop

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Increase sales orders

The beauty of a more efficient sales & marketing team is an increase in conversion rates and a busy order processing team.

An increase in orders shouldn’t mean an increase in admin. By automating key processes and removing duplication of tasks, the order processing team can handle an increase in volume without the need for more staff.

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Benefit from one centralised system

Whether it’s your sales office, field reps, trade counter or digital commerce team, everyone is working from the same centralised system.

This means you can rely on accurate stock data, pricing structures and customer information for effective order processing.

Profit4’s user-friendly interface also means new team members can use the system without weeks of training.

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Easy integration with eCommerce

Introducing digital sales channels to your strategy is no longer a challenge with Profit4.

Your order processing team view online orders, from your eCommerce website or marketplace channels, just the same as any other order so they can be picked and shipped with no extra admin or duplication of work.  

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Remove manual tasks & benefit from integrated accounts

Spending hours invoicing is a thing of the past.

With fully integrated accounts your orders, no matter the sales channels, can be easily managed without hours of manually keying in handwritten orders.

Plus, the order processing team can see which customers are on stop or have outstanding credit so they’re always proactive with customer accounts.

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Visibility of real-time, data-driven stock levels

You never want to say to your customers, ‘I’ll call you back’ because you’re unsure of your stock levels.

Deliver a confident and professional service with clear visibility of your stock levels.

Automate the purchasing process so your order processing team benefits from data-driven stock levels.

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Tighter stock control

OGL's ERP software enables tighter stock control for you to maximise warehouse space to improve picking times.

From small to large businesses, our warehouse scanners and stock control software can make order processing more effective.

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Integrate with your carriers

Remove bottlenecks when dispatching with integrated carrier solutions that remove hours of manual address entries saving you precious resources for a more profitable order.

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Reduce the costs associated with returns

Returned orders shouldn’t be costing you money.

Using Profit 4 ERP software you can assess the return and easily refund the customer, place the item back into sellable stock or deem the stock as unsellable without the endless admin.

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Measure success & identify top-sellers

Customisable dashboards and workspaces will give both team members and management the key pieces of data they need to stay on track and improve performance.

Report on the biggest sellers, top-performing products and your leakage and sales opportunities so you can make smarter decisions that maximise success.


Previously our efficiency in picking was unknown.

When we first analysed our data, it took around 12.5 minutes [per pick sheet] and now we have that down to 107 seconds, which is fantastic!

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