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Business Software for Pipes & Valves distributors  

OGL Software is tailored to the Pipes & Valves industry and offers the tools and functionality you need to deliver your unique and complex requirements. With an integrated Works Order Processing module and Accounting & Pricing software, you’ll be able to transform the way you operate. 

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    Manage complex pricing structures
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    Integrated Works Order Processing module
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    Bulk import supplier pricing & stock codes
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    Full control & visibility of stock movements
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    Fully integrated eCommerce

Improve visibility & control with Business Software for Pipes and Valves distributors

OGL Software has been developed with the Pipes & Valves sector in mind, ensuring the software can tackle the daily challenges you face and meet your complex requirements so you can improve visibility, clarity and efficiency of hundreds of processes and transactions across the business.

OGL Software delivers everything you need, from customer orders to purchasing stock, works order processing and managing complex pricing structures.

The Stock Control and Order Management modules ensure all orders seamlessly move through the business from initial enquiry to dispatch. Even with items used in kits or components for assembly, you’ll have full visibility of your stock movements and order progress, helping you to deliver the customer service that will help you to be leaders in your industry.

We know our customers in the Pipes and Valves sector find the bulk supplier pricing import feature valuable, along with the ability to integrate an eCommerce website, view supplier stock codes and use warehouse scanners to reduce picking errors. Automate and transform the way you operate with OGL Software.

Our software is used by many members of the following Pipes & Valves buying groups and associations:

  • BFPA
  • IADA
  • PHG
  • H&B
  • BVAA

Improve visibility & control with OGL Software

“The support we’ve been given to guide us through the process of moving to OGL Software have been very impressive indeed. We wanted to have a system which will propel us to the next level of business, and I can already see the benefits that the system will bring."


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