Customer & Product Pricing

Sophisticated pricing functionality to manage complex price structures   

Wholesalers and distributors typically handle thousands of product lines, meaning thousands of pricing combinations and customer pricing structures that need to be kept up to date. Managing this process without software is a mammoth task, one which prof.ITplus handles with ease.  

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    Prompted up-sell & cross-sell opportunities
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    Eliminate manual updates with mass spreadsheet uploads
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    Manage specialist customer pricing
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    Set lowest permitted selling prices
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    Set future commencement dates to be prepared

Take control of pricing with prof.ITplus

Let prof.ITplus take care of the time-consuming pricing processes that take up precious business time. Whether your supplier changes their prices, or you review your own selling costs, you can simply mass upload the updates to the software with ease - updating not only your core system but the shopping channels you have integrated too.

Received information that your supplier prices will rise, or do you set seasonal price reviews? Stay on top of your pricing changes and set future commencement dates and stay clear of last-minute panics.

With thousands of product lines, it’s an impossible task to remain on top of all your prices, so let prof.ITplus handle the task. Even if you handle assembled or kitted products, the software can intelligently build an aggregate price by adding together the cost of each component including raw materials, labour and subcontracting. Your final selling price will always be correct for accurate profit margins, no matter the complexity or volume of your products.

Maximise profits with minimum effort

Removing manual processes and setting system-wide updates ensures old prices are removed and new prices are communicated by all staff members, so you never sell at less than your agreed profit margin.

Maximise profits further by setting minimum selling prices so your sales reps know where they can drop prices and where they can’t, so you never sell at cost.

Sophisticated customer pricing

Don’t rely on your staff members to remember customer pricing. Instead, set customer costs within in prof.ITplus so that no matter how your customers order, they’ll receive the same price. Minimal effort for maximum impact and customer service.

Sophisticated pricing functionality, perfect for wholesalers and distributors 

Take control of your pricing and remove manual processes that stop your business from moving forward.  

Speak to one of our software experts to understand how prof.ITplus can manage your stock and customer pricing.   

“A key requirement for the new system was to provide an efficient way of dealing with our diverse pricing structures and a way of handling transactions in multiple currencies. We have been delighted with the way these requirements have been met by prof.ITplus.” 


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A complete ERP solution for wholesalers and distributors 

prof.ITplus connects all areas of the business from CRM to sales orders, stock control, purchasing, accounting and reporting into one central system so you can drive your business forward.