Centralised pricing functionality for increased control

  • Respond faster to changing market conditions
  • Implement updates quickly and efficiently
  • Eliminate manual effort and human error
  • Upload spreadsheets of new pricing – no re-keying required
  • Set future commencement dates – be prepared

Maximise profits with minimum effort

Staying on top of pricing is a time-consuming task for companies without software in place to handle it. Not only must your supplier costs be managed, your selling prices must also be regularly reviewed.

So many factors can influence pricing. For those companies using manual processes or old software, each time price updates are needed, mountains of repetitive administration is created – but not with prof.ITplus.

Pricing functionality in prof.ITplus allows you to change your pricing quickly and easily throughout the system so all users are working with the new figures, from the date they take effect. That means your profits are being maximised by fast, efficient price updates when you need them.

Take control of pricing with prof.ITplus

One of your suppliers changed their prices?

Chances are you’ll need to adjust your prices accordingly. A new price list (in Excel spreadsheet format) can be uploaded directly into prof.ITplus. Change thousands of prices in a matter of minutes.

Advance warning of price changes?

Perfect, you can set a future commencement date. New pricing will take effect from the date you set. No more last-minute panics to get new prices circulated.

Problem with communicating new prices?

Once new prices are set in prof.ITplus, they can’t be overridden by general users. That means you’re assured that new, accurate pricing is in effect. Your staff can’t accidentally use old, paper pricelists or say they didn’t see the email.

Have customers that like to haggle?

You can show your sales team a haggle price which gives them the lowest permitted selling price. This gives your staff the ability to close sales on the spot.

Different prices for different customers?

You can set up specific prices for certain customers based on supplier, product group, product type or individual item.

Complex pricing across 1000s of products made simple

If you’re a company that sells lots of assembled or kitted products, prof.ITplus can intelligently handle the pricing of these types of products too.

prof.ITplus can build up an aggregate price by adding together the cost of each component. Costs for raw materials, labour and subcontracting can also be added as well as a profit margin to arrive at a final selling price.

Think of the time savings: if the cost of one component changes, simply update that price in prof.ITplus and all prices of assembled products containing that component will be automatically updated. This maintains your profit margin simply and effectively. 

Contact us & take control of pricing

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