With Profit4 and Amazon you can automate everything from product, inventory updates and order data to keep information accurate and consistent across all your sales channels.

The powerful Amazon integration syncs orders, inventory, shipping updates, product pricing, customer data and more.

Reach Amazon's shoppers effortlessly

OGL’s Amazon integration enables you to take advantage of Amazon’s online marketplace without having to worry about the complexity involved with selling across multiple channels.

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Customer placing Amazon order on their phone
Business owner viewing automated tasks

Reduce manual data entry  

Integrating your online store removes your manual processes and eliminates the element of human error across products, pricing, orders, and shipping. Your business will be able to process higher volumes of orders without increasing your staffing levels. It will also free up time so staff can be utilised across the business to support growth.

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Sync stock effortlessly

Our two-way, automated near real-time stock management updates all channels whenever you make a sale, eliminating overselling and duplicate information across multiple systems.

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Amazon order syncing with Profit4 dashboard
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Amazon settlement/payment reconciliation

The new Amazon settlement report integration allows for easier payment reconciliation and greater visibility of margins per order and Amazon fees are recorded per order line allowing for easy analysis.

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