Link your online storefront to Profit4 to create a seamless experience for your customers, automate your processes and take full advantage of data visibility to drive business growth.

The connection between your website and software means you don’t have to manually manage the information flow.

Better customer experience

Keep your customers up to date throughout the entire sales process by being able to provide up-to-date product and shipping information. Reduce your customer frustrations and continue to build long-lasting relationships with your customers to assist with retention and business growth.

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Business Owner viewing Profit4's centralised data on a laptop
Profit4 overview dashboard syncing with GOb2b

Reduce costs

Once you have the integration in place, stock, product and order information can all be received automatically through your software meaning you are no longer constrained by staff having to manually place orders and update information.

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Future-proof your business

As your business grows making sure your website integrates with software is key. As you grow, so does the demand from customers which is passed on to you and your team. With full integration you can automate your manual processes and take that pressure off the team, providing a much smoother experience which allows you all to focus on business growth.

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Business Owner Using Profit4 on their laptop