OGL Software have partnered with XEDI to fully automate your order processing systems. Receive orders from your retail customers and send invoices for automatic payment. Automate your process flows with logistics, accounts, and order processing systems.

Reduce errors

XEDI involves the direct transfer of business documents from one computer to another to give you more accurate and reliable data. Accuracy risks such as human error from manual data entry is eliminated, providing you with more accurate and reliable data.

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Xedi syncing with website orders
New order automatically processed

Increase efficiency

XEDI is much faster than conventional business communications, you can receive orders instantly so staff can focus on other ways to grow your business.

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More visibility

Using XEDI allows you to have a greater level of visibility on a specific, transactional basis, letting your team make faster, smarter decisions on transactions in progress and upcoming opportunities.

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Business owner growing business
Delivery van driving through street

Get orders out faster

Exchanging documents via EDI with your trading partners is faster than your traditional way of communicating with other businesses. This will save you valuable time and allows your business to achieve more within the working day.

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