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  • With OGL, you’re in safe hands 

    Our Software Delivery Consultants have years of experience migrating customers from their existing software packages and manual processes to prof.ITplus, helping them transform the way they do business. The team can safely call themselves experts, they could even do it with their eyes closed!  

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    Your prof.ITplus Migration Journey

    Our aim is to set our customers up for success.

  • “The support and resources we’ve been given to guide us through the process of moving to prof.ITplus have been very impressive indeed. As Metalflex moves into its 17th year in business we want to have in place a system which will propel us to the next level of business and I can already see the benefits that the system will bring.” 


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    Customer Success Stories  

    The success of our customers is what motivates us to continually improve. Read more about how our customers have transformed their business with prof.ITplus

  • Download our Switching Software Guide 

    All your migration questions answered. Download our Switching Software Guide to understand the OGL process, why our customers choose us and your FAQ answered.  

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    Why choose prof.ITplus? 

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      We’re experts in the wholesale & distribution industry
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      Proven to increase efficiency & productivity
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      A scalable solution that supports growth
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      In-house support, delivery & development team
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      We can deliver you a complete IT Solution
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