It’s easier than you think to switch from QuickBooks

We've put together our frequently asked questions regarding switching to OGL Software from QuickBooks. Find out more about the benefits of our software solutions to your business and why OGL is the software partner you need to drive your business forward. 

Benefits you can't live without

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    Efficiency savings that boosts profitability
  • QuickBooks to OGL Software  icon#2
    Future-proofed ERP software solution
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    Guidance from our Implementation team
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    On-premise or cloud hosted options
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    Regular, free updates & in-house support
Switch from QuickBooks to OGL Software

Are you struggling with your QuickBooks software?

Wholesalers, distributors and merchants who begin their journey on QuickBooks software, often find that they quickly outgrow the system. If you're using QuickBooks and have software bolt-ons or still heavily rely on spreadsheets, physical files and manual processes then you're in need of a complete digital solution that will manage and streamline  your entire operation. 

Customers who moved to OGL Software all experienced the same challenges in QuickBooks such as:

  • Manually allocating and purchasing stock
  • Limited stock control capabilities so they can't have multiple suppliers or serial number tracking 
  • Missed sales opportunities due to lack of visibility
  • Time-consuming cost and supplier price updates
  • A disconnected eCommerce website
  • A lack of clear sales and performance reporting tools

OGL Software provides ERP solutions, developed specifically for wholesalers and merchants, that tackle the issues businesses face with QuickBooks to increase efficiency, improve productivity and drive your business forward. 

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Product Features

Contact Management

Manage your customer, supplier & prospect data, order history and interactions in a single, fully integrated platform. The OGL Software CRM will help you to secure new business and build great customer relationships.

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Multi-Channel Sales Order Management

Automate time-consuming tasks and easily manage orders from every sales channel with the OGL Software Multi-Channel Sales Order Management solution. Built to improve efficiencies so you can scale with ease.

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Stock Control & Management

Take back control of your stock with complete visibility of all stock movements from one central system. Monitor, manage and optimise your stock levels so you can buy better and sell smarter. 

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Integrated eCommerce

Implement an online, multi-channel selling strategy with ease with Marketplace and eCommerce integration. Grow your customer base and increase sales without the extra admin. 

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Finance & Accounting

OGL Software takes care of all your financial processes within one central system, making sure your data is always accurate. Gain a 360 degree view of your finances to make smarter decisions that drive growth.

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Reporting & Analytics

OGL Software provides you with real-time company and sales data that enables you to make smarter decisions so you can achieve great results that build a more profitable future. 

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Customer Success Stories

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Find out more about OGL's Software Solutions and how they can help you to increase efficiencies, improve productivity, reduce over-head costs and boost profits. 

“The support and resources we’ve been given to guide us through the process of moving to prof.ITplus have been very impressive indeed. As Metalflex moves into its 17th year in business we want to have in place a system which will propel us to the next level of business and I can already see the benefits that the system will bring."


Metalflex Case Study

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Want to find out how easy it is to switch from your QuickBooks software? We have answered all your questions in our Software Switching Guide.