Remote Server Monitoring

Minimise the risk of costly

server downtime

  • Monitoring of your prof.ITplus server for early warning signs 
  • Improve productivity by maximising prof.ITplus availability
  • Minimise downtime and risk of disaster recovery situations
  • Peace of mind that your critical system is monitored
  • Fast response to potential issues

Proactive solution to avoid unnecessary downtime of prof.ITplus

Our Remote Monitoring service minimises the risk of business downtime if an error happened to occur on your prof.ITplus server. In addition to our Windows server monitoring, we’ve invested in a proactive solution to monitor prof.ITplus servers on a variety of platforms. Our Remote Monitoring service identifies issues such as hard drive failures and our dedicated team of engineers respond quickly to fix the issue, often before your staff realise there is a problem. 

Analysis of incidents picked up for existing customers showed that 25% of prof.ITplus Remote Monitoring alerts were deemed critical

Server downtime can lead to loss of orders, disgruntled customers and employees and can leave you feeling the effects for weeks following the incident. By trusting in a software provider that can react to issues quickly and proactively manage your server, you can save both time and money.  

We are proud to have all our prof.ITplus servers hosted on a robust Linux platform, that rarely experience technical issues or significant downtime. We also have some of the fastest response times to issues raised in the industry, and the resources to look after many aspects of your IT.  

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