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Powerful reporting & analytics built for wholesalers & distributors

Become more intuitive, effective, proactive and most importantly competitive in an ever-changing marketplace, with OGL Software. Instant access to real-time company-wide data will provide a complete 360-degree view of your business enabling smarter decision making company-wide.

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    Personalised dashboards & workspaces
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    Make informed business decisions
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    Accurate, company-wide insights
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    Visibility of hidden sales opportunities
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    Customisable management reports

Drive your business forward with intelligent insights

Key business decisions shouldn’t rely on gut feelings or whimsical predictions. Provide your decision-makers with accurate, real-time data so they can make smarter decisions that impact business profitability.

Think ahead of the competition with a proactive approach. Gain invaluable fact-based predictions so you can make the right next move for your sales strategy, warehouse department, stock and purchasing plans and finance decisions.

With OGL Software, you’re always in control. Our solutions give you the tools you need to maximise your profits. Customisable dashboards provide each employee with the data they need to exceed targets. Focus teams or individuals on only the data they need for complete optimisation.  

Gain deep insights and knowledge into every area of the business from customer reports, stock analysis, financial performance and sales order stats. Couple this with employee performance reports for your managers, your team will be armed with the tools they need to work smarter and drive the business forward.


Powerful reporting and analysis features in OGL Software puts you in control

Arrange a consultation with our software experts to understand how OGL Software's ERP solutions can improve your business performance and optimise your operations.

“What attracted us most was the visibility OGL Software could provide about our customers’ behaviours and buying patterns. We were excited that we’d have the tools to uncover new sales leads amongst our existing client base.”

Castle Industrial Supplies

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