Returns Order Processing

Reduce losses with effective management of returns

  • Handle returns within one integrated system
  • Full visibility of returned goods on the system
  • Eliminate ‘lost’ returns from your business
  • Access returns reasons data
  • Drive down the number of returns received by your business

Handle returns effectively alongside active stock management

It’s very understandable that businesses would want to handle returns in a way that reduces financial losses. However, without a sophisticated software system, it’s very easy for returns to be ‘lost’ and their value never restored to the business.

prof.ITplus provides a solution; it offers the tools to allow returned stock to be visible on the system and dubbed ‘in quarantine’. Goods can be inspected and then appropriate action taken: returned to stock, returned to supplier or scrapped. Having visibility of quarantined returns means they cannot be forgotten about and must be dealt with effectively.

To assist with recouping the costs created by returned goods, a restocking charge can be deducted from the credit note issued to the customers – either as a set charge or a percentage of the order value. 

Returns analysis easily done

Any efficient, well-managed business will want to analyse the reasons for returns. prof.ITplus allows returns reasons to be recorded in the system and thereafter a comprehensive report can be produced that breaks down the most common reasons for returns, for example: product quality, carrier issues, picking error, product unsuitability etc.

Businesses using prof.ITplus have all the data required to tackle the issue of excessive returns and put corrective actions in place to drive returns down.

Returns paperwork automatically generated within system

prof.ITplus will ensure returns to the business are handled effectively and all associated documentation is produced professionally: acknowledgement to customer, collection note, supplier returns note, credit note, invoice updated.

All of this timely, automated administration ensures that customer satisfaction levels are kept high. Returns due to product fault or delivery error are something that any business would want to avoid, but ensuring your business handles the return in a positive way will go a long way to securing future custom.

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