Returns Order Processing

Reduce losses with effective returns management  

Stay on top of your returned orders for optimum stock control with prof.ITplus. The software reduces the chance of losing money on missing returned stock and allows you to keep on top of your sales order process.  

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    Full visibility of returned goods
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    Access returns reasons data
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    Reduce number of returns
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    Quarantine items due for inspection
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    Fully integrated for maximum efficiency

Returns Management Software for hassle-free stock control

The prof.ITplus Returns Management module gives your team the tools to effectively handle returns to reduce losses and avoid mis-placed products.

Returned items are visible on the system and marked as ‘in quarantine’ so goods can be inspected before re-sold. Goods marked as faulty can then be returned to supplier or scrapped, and products suitable for re-sale can be re-stocked back in the warehouse.

The prof.ITplus returns order processing module is fully integrated with other key business areas so documentation such as acknowledgments to customers, collection notes, supplier return notes, credit note and invoice updates is generated automatically. This means your team doesn’t waste time performing admin tasks.

Customer service is often about how a business deals with a negative situation. prof.ITplus automates return administration to send customer acknowledgements, apology emails and refunds as well as quickly process replaced items to exceed customer expectations.

Returns analysis for improved service

Improve customer service with returns data analysis. prof.ITplus reports on reasons for returns so you can get to the bottom of returned orders and put actions in place to reduce future issues.

A returns order system for effective stock control

Learn how the prof.ITplus returns module can drive customer satisfaction and reduce stock loss. Speak to one of our software experts about prof.ITplus.

"Using one system to manage everything and combine all business processes... frees up staff to make better use of their time growing the business." 

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A complete ERP solution for wholesalers and distributors

prof.ITplus connects all areas of the business from CRM to sales orders, stock control, warehouse management, purchasing, accounting and reporting into one central system to you can drive your business forward.