Sales Analysis

Excellent analysis tools to drive

your sales up

  • Powerful analysis tools at your fingertips
  • Automated sales analysis reports
  • Gain the power and control to drive sales effectively
  • Motivate your staff with accurate sales performance figures
  • Identify areas for focus and improvement 

Understand your company sales to exploit new opportunities

Sales Analysis Software by prof.ITplus can provide user-friendly reports to show your best / worst performers in terms of customers, sales staff, product ranges, business types and more. In addition, you’ll be able to accurately understand seasonal sales fluctuations and run promotions accordingly. Companies need powerful sales analysis tools if they are to drive company growth and our Sales Analysis module offers a clear view of sales performance against specified targets: quotes generated, orders received, value of orders, dispatches generated, returns with reasons and credit values. 

Readily available sales analysis like this is invaluable to businesses and will enable employee performance monitoring, staff motivation, targeted marketing, effective sales promotions and staff training. From helping maintain future customer relationships to aiding with sales quotes and enquiries, Sales Analysis Software is here to support you.  

Visibility of your sales performance will mean you can make the best tactical and strategic decisions to drive sales upwards. 

Understand your customers and their buying behaviours for increased sales

As well as understanding the internal factors influencing your sales, you’ll also be able to examine external factors at play. For example, prof.ITplus will be able to show you customer groups that are not converting from quote to order at expected ratios. You’ll know exactly where market research is needed to understand why you are not performing well in certain sectors.

Thereafter, measures can be put in place to drive up sales with this customer group or an active decision can be taken to not invest further time with them and concentrate on your most profitable customers (and creating new business of course). Without sales analysis how do you know where to focus your sales resources?

Introducing OGL's sales analysis software, SalesVision

  • Understand customer buying trends and improve customer retention
  • Improve sales productivity through targeted customer engagement
  • Grow market share by unveiling hidden sales potential
  • Vital management tool to enhance your business
  • Access up-to-the-minute sales data, on-demand
  • Manage performance and increase accountability

Our optional web-based application, called SalesVision, uncovers key information from prof.ITplus and delivers it directly to your sales team on their mobile devices (laptop, tablet, mobile phones) via an internet connection. The user-friendly interface has been designed to make key information easily digestible and readily attainable.

Display KPIs

SalesVision can be configured to display your company’s key performance indicators (KPIs) so your sales employees have continuous, real-time access to performance stats, in the office, and away from it.

Access customer information on the move

Key customer information can also be viewed using SalesVision by your field-based team. Imagine the tailored customer service your team could deliver if they can simply and easily view a customer’s account just before they go into a sales meeting. Your sales team could even share key information with the customer themselves when discussing new business opportunities.

Track activity in the field

Tasks can be completed by field-based staff and updated in SalesVision from their chosen device. The updates will automatically synchronise with prof.ITplus, allowing employees in the office to have full visibility of activity.

Reduce office administration

SalesVision empowers sales teams to update customer records remotely and as part of their role. No need for designated admin staff to spend time updating weeks’ worth of sales activity.

ROAD Mobile App

Now you can check stock and raise orders whilst out on the road...

A new mobile app that enables your field-based staff to check stock levels, replenish stock bins and create orders remotely.  The app can be used both on or offline and will automatically sync with prof.ITplus later, delivering greater efficiency for your staff.

  • Scan barcodes for quick product identificationRoad Icon
  • Customer pricing and stock levels visible from prof.ITplus
  • Work on and offline, sync to prof.ITplus later
  • Fully integrated with prof.ITplus

The app is available for both Android and Apple devices.

You need powerful Sales Analysis Software to drive your business forward

prof.ITplus was created to help businesses gain control over their processes and our Sales Analysis module does just that. Talk to one of our experts about the reports you can use in prof.ITplus to highlight where you're succeeding and areas for improvement. 

Contact us and better understand your company sales

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