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Uncover opportunities and close more deals  

Build better relationships, manage your sales leads and deliver quality customer service with OGL Software. A solution designed to give sales and marketing teams the tools to maximise opportunities, enhance marketing efforts and gain clearer visibility to grow your customer base.

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    Boost sales productivity
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    Easily manage sales opportunities
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    Personalised dashboards to measure success
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    Centralise all sales data
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    Improve customer satisfaction & retention

Digital tools to empower your sales reps

Streamline your sales process and never miss an opportunity with tools to stay on top of your pipeline. OGL Software unifies data to enable sales teams to deliver a personalised service that wins deals and retains customers.


Opportunity Management

Never miss a lead with a centralised database of tasks so your sales reps can stay on top of their to-do list. Easily manage appointments and follow up calls in a simple workspace, personalised to individual sales staff.

Increase Productivity

Access all the data you’ll need to update a client, create a quote, place an order, view financials and browse history all from one screen. You’ll have access to accurate stock levels, approved haggle pricing and customer order history so you spend more time selling, less time doing admin.  

Measure Success

Management and team leaders have the data and reports they need to analyse employee, sales and company performance. Taking data from across the business and critically from the CRM, the customisable dashboards and reports will highlight who is and isn’t hitting targets and KPI’s so you can act fast to make improvements.


Segment & Profile

Profile and segment customers based on activity, sales status or any customisable attributes so you can create targeted, effective marketing campaigns to generate more leads for your sales team.

Analyse Trends

Understand your audience with analytics on buying behaviours and seasonal trends so you can market at the right time to increase effectiveness.

Centralised Data

Reduce admin time with access to all your prospect data in one database. This means your marketing and sales team are working from the same contact information, history and profiling data.

Customer Service

Improve Customer Retention

With access to your customers’ full history, you’ll be fully equipped to answer their questions and place re-orders whenever they get in contact. The personalised service will set you apart from competitors and make sure your customers return.  

Increase Customer Spend  

You’re missing out on potential opportunities if you’re not marketing to your customers. Profile customers based on previous orders or leakage data to create targeted marketing campaigns that will help you to up-sell, cross-sell and increase order value.

Multi-Channel Customer History

Centralising and digitalising your customer data enables customers to easily access their account details on your online sales channels too. An online customer portal gives them visibility of past orders, invoices and special customer pricing that’s synced and up-to-date with your CRM system.

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“We have over 5,000 customer records, more than our salesforce could possibly see in person. We knew we needed all of our diverse customer information from sales, accounts and marketing in one place… and with OGL we had our figures at our fingertips.”

System Hygiene

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