Sales Order Processing

Intuitive, easy processing of

sales orders

  • Fully integrated with other business processes
  • Close sales on the spot with all required info easily accessed
  • Frees up staff to focus on generating more sales
  • Eliminates burden of excess administration
  • Your customers experience swift, efficient customer service
  • Opportunity to cross-sell, up-sell and suggest related products
  • Manage complex pricing structures
  • View instant profit margin of order 

Comprehensive functionality to achieve your sales

Once you’ve secured your sales, your customer will expect an efficient experience through to order delivery. Our Sales Order Processing system allows your sales team to do just that. It offers accurate, rapid, reliable handling of order processing. Just a few clicks of a button to convert a quote to order; that’s all that’s needed.

Advanced sales order management 

Process your sales by telephone, via the web, online shopping channel (Amazon & eBay), trade counter or showroom using prof.ITplus. You’ll have all the information you need on one screen thanks to the way that prof.ITplus acts as a simple document management system: order history, stock availability, special pricing, alternative product offerings, delivery dates and credit control all in one place. This can help with both organisation and traceability, saving you time and money!  

Built-in haggle feature to aid sales

Got customers that like to negotiate? prof.ITplus will handle it

The extremely useful ‘haggle’ feature highlights order profitability as you discuss price and automatically compares it to company guidelines, enabling margins to be maintained while rapidly closing a sale.

Your customers will be impressed with the speed of your decisions regarding price and your sales team can move on to the next sale. 

ROAD - Mobile App

Now you can handle sales order processing whilst out on the road...

Road Icon

A new mobile app that enables your field-based staff to handle enquiries, quotes and orders remotely.  The app can be used both on or offline, and will automatically sync with prof.ITplus later delivering greater efficiency for your staff.

  • Scan barcodes for quick product identification
  • Customer pricing and stock levels visible from prof.ITplus
  • Work on and offline, sync with prof.ITplus later
  • Fully integrated with prof.ITplus
  • Launch SalesVision from within ROAD

The app is available for both Android and Apple devices.

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