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Streamline your stock management to maximise operational efficiency with OGL Software.

A multi-location, stock control system that ensures you always have the stock you need, when you need it.

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    Auto-calculate optimum stock levels
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    Seamless & automated purchasing processes
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    Bulk supplier price imports
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    Traceability of all stock movements
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    Usage & trends reports for complete visibility

An advanced multi-location stock management system

As wholesalers and distributors, your inventory and warehouse sit at the heart of your business, which means the success of your stock management processes directly impact the success of your business. This is why an advanced, comprehensive inventory management system is crucial to your business performance and will enable you to take your business to the next level.

By unifying your business operations in OGL Software's ERP system it means all the businesses processes involved in managing your stock, such as finance, purchasing, fulfilment, customers and sales order can be centralised, automated and maintained within one system. Avoiding manual admin, duplication of tasks and outdated information helps you to run a streamlined operation.

Know exactly how much stock you have, how much you can sell and exactly where it is in OGL Software. Whether you're managing multiple warehouses or multiple sales channels, your inventory levels will automatically update.

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Core features of OGL Software's stock management solution

Multi-channel stock management

Real-time stock updates across all your eCommerce sites, shopping channels and trade stores. All your sales channels seamlessly sync with OGL Software to give full visibility of your operations so you’re never under or over-stocked.

Multi-location stock control

Regardless of the location of your warehouse depot, sales office or trade store, OGL Stock Control Software provides a single view of your inventory across all digital and physical locations. Real-time updates of all warehouse movements, product sales, returns and more.

Perpetual stock counts

You can perform perpetual stock takes in OGL Software to improve accuracy and efficiency. Select locations or product groups to count and improve the accuracy of your stock data while removing the risk of human error.  

Seamless purchasing processes

Connect your purchasing and finance department to your warehouse and order processing teams and work from the same up-to-date data to enhance the precision of purchasing decisions. Set minimum and maximum level rules on your products so purchase orders can be automatically raised when necessary.

Traceability of stock movements

No matter the amount of warehouse locations, sales order channels or product lines, you’ll have full visibility and traceability of stock. Keep overhead costs low and customers happy with a 360-degree view of your stock. 

Supplier price-lists

Bulk import multiple supplier pricing for your products to ensure you’re always getting the best deal when selling to your customers. Visibility of cost price will enable you to set rules for minimum selling price, haggle options and profit margins, arming your sales team with the data they need to secure the sale and make a profit.

Sophisticated pricing functionality

Wholesalers and distributors typically handle thousands of product lines, meaning thousands of pricing combinations and customer pricing structures that need to be kept up to date. Managing this process without software is a mammoth task, one which OGL Software handles with ease.


Usage & trends reports

Gain insight with detailed reports on all your stock movements so you can make smarter decisions on purchasing and warehouse management. With full visibility of stock levels, sales history, best sellers and non-movers, you gain full control of your stock which will impact your bottom line.

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“For the first time in the history of NVC Lighting UK, we won’t need to do a yearly stock take, so we’ve gained almost two weeks’ worth of business which will also have an effect on our bottom line”

NVC Lighting UK

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