Stock Control Software created for wholesalers and distributors 

Monitor, control and optimise your stock levels to improve profitability and reduce over or under-stocking. Easily meet your customer demands with a comprehensive inventory management software and stock control system that helps you to do what you do best, but this time, better!  

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    Auto-calculate optimum stock levels
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    Multi-channel inventory management
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    Perpetual stock takes
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    Multi-location inventory control
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    Advanced control for complex products

Buy better & sell smarter with accurate Stock Management

The prof.ITplus stock control software has all the features you need to seamlessly manage your stock so you, and your staff, can focus your time on business goals instead of manual tasks.

Efficiently manage stock levels in prof.ITplus

Behind any successful wholesaler or merchant is data, and our prof.ITplus stock control system provides you with all the data you need about your inventory to spot seasonal trends, analyse customer buying habits and outline sales forecasts so you can identify optimum stock levels for greater efficiency. Avoid the risk of over or under-stocking and let prof.ITplus auto-calculate minimum and maximum stock levels so you can always deliver excellent service to your customers and prevent hard-earned profits sitting in dead stock.

Multi-channel sales strategies require multi-channel inventory management. View live updates on stock from your eCommerce stores, marketplaces, sales office, field-based sales reps and trade counter so you know you can always deliver quality customer service and avoid letting your customers down.

Stock levels, from any location, are also managed on a single platform. No matter the warehouse, bin location, returned stock or re-order, you have full control of what stock you hold all within prof.ITplus.

An advanced stock control system for complex products

prof.ITplus handles all your stock requirements, no matter the complexity. Easily manage kits and assemblies with full integration into the sales order processing and accounting modules for maximum efficiency.

Stock nuts and bolts of multiple sizes, or workwear of different sizes or coffee cups of different capacities? The prof.ITplus Stock Control Software handles your complex products with ease, enabling you to search for, categorise, price and sell with ease.

Replace manual stock processes for prof.ITplus

Remove manual processes from your stock control procedures and you’ll avoid costly mistakes - in turn, improving customer satisfaction. When stock is at the heart of your business, you need a well-oiled inventory control system to ensure your business performs at it’s best.

Automate accounting procedures for a bill of materials and kitting, manage supplier pricing on mass, perform perpetual inventories and auto-calculate optimum stock levels & purchase orders for the ultimate, seamless stock control procedure.

Stock taking with minimal cost

The prof.ITplus stock management software instantly saves you time and money by removing the need for yearly stock take shutdowns. Perform perpetual stock takes so you always know your stock valuation is accurate as you no longer need to rely on year-end counts.

For the first time in the history of NVC UK, we won’t need to do a yearly stock take, so we’ve gained almost 2 weeks’ worth of business which will also have an effect on our bottom line.

NVC Lighting

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A complete ERP solution for wholesalers and distributors

prof.ITplus connects all areas of the business from CRM to sales orders, stock control, warehouse management, purchasing, accounting and reporting into one central system so you can drive your business forward.