Stock Control and Management

Enable accurate, quick, efficient management of your stock

  • Take control of your stock
  • Achieve a lean operation and remove tendency to over-stock
  • Deliver excellent service and product availability
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual stock-takes
  • Record all stock movements using barcode scanners
  • Instant update on stock levels following stock activity
  • Auto-calculate minimum, maximum and optimum stock levels
  • Comprehensive batch and serial number tracking

Optimum stock levels managed for you

No doubt you want your company to be known for excellent service. For that you’ll need a firm grip on your stock control so you can deliver what your customers want, when they want it. Customer expectations are high these days so to remain competitive it’s important that stock management is a priority.

Using barcode scanning technology, prof.ITplus takes control of your stock and provides total visibility. You’ll be able to track stock movements, including purchases, returns and relocations, view product availability and identify bin locations at a glance. You’ll have complete access to your stock profile in real-time, at any time. Never keep customers waiting for their order again.

Stock Management from prof.ITplus drives efficiency up. No more stockpiling of slow moving, expensive stock that occupies valuable warehouse space. prof.ITplus will use historic data, sales forecasts and seasonal trends to identify minimum, maximum and optimum stock levels for each product. The system will flag up when replenishment is required and it can even auto-generate a Purchase Order when the minimum stock level is reached. 

Stock control with profit in mind

Sophisticated automation prevents profit sitting in dead stock.

Stock Management within prof.ITplus is, as you would expect, fully integrated with all other aspects of the system and is designed with profit maximisation in mind.

Powerful reporting in the stock screens allow you to make fully informed decisions about your business and stock levels. Use prof.ITplus to ensure you’re not investing unnecessarily in stock. Only buy what prof.ITplus reports will sell quickly. A few clicks of the mouse will reveal your fast moving, highly profitable goods; these are the ones to buy in bulk for greater margins – prof.ITplus will pinpoint them for you.

Stock taking made easy

Don’t allow stock-taking to cause you a headache

prof.ITplus supports a perpetual stock-taking system whereby a section of stock is counted and tracked every week. The perpetual stock-take or ‘rolling stock-take’ may take a few employees only an hour a week and as a result it means at any one moment in time the business has a good level of accuracy with regard to its stock valuation. When year-end comes there is no need for the headache of counting every item of stock in one go as all stock has already been counted in recent months as part of the perpetual system.

ROAD Mobile App

Now you can check stock and raise orders whilst out on the road...

Road IconA new mobile app that enables your field-based staff to check stock levels, replenish stock bins and create orders remotely.  The app can be used both on or offline and will automatically sync with prof.ITplus later, delivering greater efficiency for your staff.

  • Scan barcodes for quick product identification
  • Customer pricing and stock levels visible from prof.ITplus
  • Work on and offline, sync to prof.ITplus later
  • Fully integrated with prof.ITplus

The app is available for both Android and Apple devices.

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