It’s easier than you think to switch from Sage 50

Our software delivery team are experts at transferring businesses from their existing software, like Lizard Workwear and Safety and Gas Centre Ltd, who migrated from Sage 50 to prof.ITplus. We understand that downtime is not an option for your company, which is why we take every step to ensure the switch to our new software is seamless.

Find out how prof.ITplus will suit your business needs with a free Business Process Review that will allow us to review your processes and advise on where we can assist you in improving these with prof.ITplus. 

Your questions answered:

Are you struggling with Sage 50?

Do you often find you are limited in Sage 50 and struggle to do what you need day to day?

Common issues include; the software slows down when multiple users are logged in, integration issues with the CRM software because it’s a bolt-on to the software, and outgrowing Sage 50 when your customer or product base grows. 

Our business software, prof.ITplus, is a fully integrated ERP system built with your needs in mind. Our 40 years’ experience means we have adapted and developed a system that includes a variety of core modules, designed to meet the needs of your industry, so you can be sure prof.ITplus will work seamlessly with your business.

Our development team is always expanding and improving our software to meet our customers’ needs and have created modules and features we know will meet your requirements, including:

  • Quote and sales order management
  • Purchase order management
  • Dynamic pricing structures
  • Seamless mail integration
  • Warehouse & stock management
  • On the road ordering and sales analysis
  • Company reporting
  • Online shopping channel integration
  • Batch traceability 

We make it simple to move from Sage 50

We understand the move from one business software to another can be daunting and is often the main reason you choose not to upgrade to an alternative supplier. But you won’t regret your choice with prof.ITplus.

We have a dedicated delivery team that will ensure no stone is left unturned when it comes to your migration and they are there every step of the way. We dedicate time before the move to fully understand your business and the way you work, to ensure prof.ITplus supports your business the way you need it to. 

Our expert Data Analysts will ensure your data is transferred so you can continue the day to day running of your business, but this time only better!

Your key users will also receive comprehensive training on the system, which can be done either at OGL’s Training Facilities or at your own premises. This will ensure you have a good understanding of how everything works before you go live. Our team will even be on-site with you when you go live to help with any initial queries.

Do you receive ongoing support with Sage 50?

Having access to a team of knowledgeable support staff who can help you get the most out of software will ensure that your sales are not hindered. The team behind prof.ITplus understands the importance of your software running smoothly at all times, which is why we’re rated so highly on our robust, reliable system. However, if you do need support with your software, moving to prof.ITplus means that our support team or your dedicated Account Manager is always on hand to assist and advise you.


Reasons why customers choose prof.ITplus over Sage 50

  • The prof.ITplus modules are all authored  in-house, no third-parties are involved
  • Our robust CRM system allows you to better understand your existing  and potential customers
  • Meaningful real-time company-wide reporting for effective sales analysis
  • Seamless integration of stock management, pricing structures and sales processing
  • Increased business efficiency that frees up valuable staff from time consuming manual processes 
  • Proven to save customers time, resource and money, enabling them to grow their business without taking on more staff
  • Suite of mobile solutions that allow you to view customer information, review sales, place orders and manage inventory out on the road

Benefits you can’t live without


Why our customers choose OGL

  • We're a family-run business that has more than 40 years' experience in the technology industry
  • We are accredited by the world’s leading IT giants
  • We already supply our software to over 400 companies with 8,000 users nationwide
  • Our support centre is kept in-house at our West Midlands offices
  • Our unique proposition, whereby our specialist divisions: IT Solutions, Business Software and Cyber Security, can work together to deliver you the complete package

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