Trade Counter Sales

Trade Counter Software that’s integrated with your ERP System

Access all inventory and customer information in the easy-to-use, prof.ITplus Trade Counter Software. Suitable for trade counters and showrooms, the prof.ITplus module enables you to take on-the-spot orders from your customers, increasing sales opportunities without extra admin.   

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    Synchronised customer and order data
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    Cross-sell & up-sell prompts
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    Sophisticated product search facilities
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    Live inventory availability
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    Company-wide pricing structures

Integrated Trade Counter Software

prof.ITplus Trade Counter software integrates seamlessly with the rest of your business so you don’t need to worry about double entry of orders, wasted admin time or out-of-sync data.

You can deliver a true multi-channel experience with a trade counter system that is integrated with your stock and order management system. View true stock levels, from any location, or backorder an item so you can complete the sales in store and never miss an opportunity.

Exceed customer expectations with access to a customer’s entire order history and account information so you can still provide a personalised service, even from your trade counter. View their order history, contact details, special pricing and account limits or agreements so you’re always able to meet customer needs.

Increase sales opportunities with prompted up-sell & cross-sell opportunities for maximum order value. Also avoid costly mistakes with access to customer account limit and status information so you never process a sale to a customer whose account is frozen.

Improve customer service in your trade counter with prof.ITplus Trade Counter Software

Learn how prof.ITplus can save you time, money and stress with an effective Trade Counter system. Speak to one of our software experts about your Trade Counter Software requirements.

"prof.ITplus has led to significant gains in efficiency as well as a marked reduction in costs." 


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A complete ERP solution for wholesalers and distributors

prof.ITplus connects all areas of the business from CRM to sales orders, stock control, warehouse management, purchasing, accounting and reporting into one central system to you can drive your business forward.