Warehouse Management

A Warehouse Management System that puts you in control 

Suitable for all warehouse sizes, the prof.ITplus warehouse management software gives you the tools you need to maximise efficiencies - whether restocking, picking, packing or dispatching - so your orders are fulfilled on time with ease by your warehouse team.   

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    Integrated WMS
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    Optimised warehouse order picking
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    Barcode scanning technology
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    ntegrated carrier dispatching
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    Goods-in management

Revolutionise your warehouse with prof.ITplus

Work smarter, not harder, by maximising your warehouse space and procedures for a slick and effective operation. Integrated with all other business areas, prof.ITplus gives you complete control and visibility of your business from inventory control, sales order management, purchase order processing, supplier management and accounting.

Effective warehouse management for efficient order management

Streamlining your restocking, picking and dispatching processes means you can fulfil orders in a hassle-free, time efficient manner that meets customer expectations and high demands.

Barcode scanning

With prof.ITplus WMS, you can assign barcodes to products and locations so your team can scan goods in, pick & pack, process returns, perform stock counts all with the knowledge that the information, stock counts and order process is accurate and timely.

Goods-in management

prof.ITplus gives you visibility of when shipments are expected, from which supplier and most importantly what the stock is for: customer orders (back-to-back purchase order), warehouse re-stock or works orders.

Optimised order picking

Picking lists are created based on the most efficient route so you know the productivity of your team is always maximised. Reduce the time it takes to pick an order and speed up the time it takes for customers to receive your order – key for online purchases.

Auto-create shipping labels

Don’t experience bottle necks at your dispatching station. The prof.ITplus carrier integration module removes manual, error-prone processes for shipping labels and ensures your customers orders are sent out accurately.

Regular rolling stocktake

The prof.ITplus WMS is integrated with the stock control management module, so regular perpetual stocktakes can easily be performed saving you weeks of time and money. Variances and discrepancies can be noted and dealt with and stock valuations can remain at an accurate level, without the need to wait for year-end.

Improve your warehouse productivity with prof.ITplus WMS

Learn how prof.ITplus can save you time, money and stress with a warehouse management system that improves efficiency, accuracy and customer satisfaction. Speak to one of our software experts to understand how prof.ITplus can revolutionise your warehouse.

“We live or die by how good our Warehouse Management System is and prof.ITplus is an excellent warehouse package. We’ve designed the layout of the warehouse in order to use the system most effectively which has really made the business flourish.” 

Embrass Peerless

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A complete ERP solution for wholesalers and distributors

prof.ITplus connects all areas of the business from CRM to sales orders, stock control, warehouse management, purchasing, accounting and reporting into one central system so you can drive your business forward.