Warehouse Management Systems bring greater control, accuracy and visibility.

WMS can offer significant improvements and savings for your business, right from implementation. Investing in a system can revolutionise a warehouse and turn overly complex processes into simple tasks that can be automated at the click of a button. Warehouse Management Software is not a new product to the market and has been around for many years but finding a system that fits your industry and current processes, can be difficult in the current market.  

OGL’s business software system, prof.ITplus, has bi-monthly free of charge updates to ensure the system is staying ahead of current trends and customer needs. It is also proven to increase efficiency, visibility and productivity in the distribution, stockist and wholesale industries. The Warehouse Management module within prof.ITplus is popular among businesses that hold stock for many reasons:

Accuracy: Improve order accuracy by reducing picking errors, minimising shipping errors and saving time identifying products in the warehouse.

Simplicity: Easy to use, and perfect for new and existing warehouse operatives - allowing them to become more self-sufficient with increased productivity. WMS can help increase your turnover whilst maintaining staff levels.

Service: Improve your customers’ experience and satisfaction by providing accurate orders (therefore reducing returns). Increase your capacity to fulfil high order volumes and link directly to your chosen carrier at despatch.

Visibility: Enhanced reporting capability e.g. providing the ability to capture picking data through the use of prof.ITplus reporting tools, Business Intelligence and SalesVision

Warehouse space can be one of the most costly commodities for a stockist business. Ensuring you are effectively managing the use of the space and removing the tendency to overstock can vastly improve your ability to grow as a business. Investing in a business software system can help relieve these issues and provide you with the tools to help grow your business.

prof.ITplus is perfectly suited to distributors, wholesalers and stockist businesses across many sectors, and has 18 fully integrated modules that help to create a tailored system that fits your way of working.

To find out more about our business software, prof.ITplus, please call 01299 873 873 to speak to one of our prof.ITplus consultants.

Warehouse Management Systems bring greater control, accuracy and visibility.-icon-second-section

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