Website / eCommerce Integration

Ecommerce websites that drive business turnover up

  • Grow your market indefinitely by going online
  • Integrated fully with prof.ITplus
  • Data is transferred with little user intervention
  • Comprehensive online customer portal
  • Reduce admin time with self-serve customer portal
  • Online orders handled along with non-web orders
  • Synchronised data flow between prof.ITplus and website
  • All product information populated from prof.ITplus
  • Updates will automatically display on the web

24/7 online business opening hours

Why restrict your revenue opportunity to typical 9 – 5pm office hours? Our fully-integrated ecommerce websites allow your customers to do business with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. What better way to immediately boost your turnover?

Our websites are built with outstanding levels of customised functionality to reflect the way our customers choose to operate their business. Anything is possible from our team of expert web developers.

Seamlessly integrated across your business

Our ecommerce websites seamlessly integrate with our business management software system – called prof.ITplus. This means our websites have a comprehensive back-end system for dealing with online orders and enquiries. Data flows back and forth between the two ensuring that information in prof.ITplus and online is always accurate.

No duplication of data entry required

No laborious data entry is required for your website, our sites are designed to automatically gather information from within prof.ITplus – hassle free and 100% accurate.

Customer portals

You can set up each of your customers with an online portal where they can access their key account information, make payments, view bespoke pricing, access copy invoices, statements, proof of delivery and track current orders. Customers get the utmost of convenience – information is on demand and easy to access. And you get a much reduced admin workload as customers can answer a lot of their queries themselves by visiting the portal.

Encourage business

Provide readily available product information to help a new or returning customer make a purchase with you outside of standard office hours.

Brand image and professionalism

All of this whilst reflecting the desired brand image of your business and having all the features required for an outstanding ecommerce web experience.

Auto-populated online product profiles

An OGL website is driven by the product catalogue in prof.ITplus: a tick box per item will indicate if it is to be uploaded to your website for online sales. Simple!

Special Features

Our team of developers are always looking at new ways to further enhance our customers' websites to deliver better customer service.  We have a range of optional features that fully integrate with prof.ITplus to set you apart from your competitors.

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