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Seamlessly integrate your eCommerce site and business software

Fully integrated, customisable eCommerce solutions for stockists, distributors and wholesalers. Our eCommerce and prof.ITplus integration accommodates high-volume businesses and makes selling your products online as simple as from your store.

Your eCommerce website can be built and customised for your business. Fully integrated with prof.ITplus, data flows back and forth between your eCommerce site and business software, ensuring your online product information is always accurate and you don’t waste precious time manually keying in orders.

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Our websites are built with outstanding levels of customised functionality to reflect the way our customers choose to operate their business. Market your brand using your online store with your brand colours, logo, images and company design styles; your website design can be completely flexible for your business needs.

Whether you are a B2B company or solely customer facing, we can create an eCommerce website for you that helps to increase sales, reduce time with manual order processes and opens up opportunities to a larger online audience.

Anything is possible from our team of expert web developers.

Customer Focused Features


Customer accounts

Customers get the utmost of convenience with all their order history (including offline orders), invoicing details and delivery addresses listed on their account.


Auto-populated product profiles

Sync all your product information, pricing and images from your prof.ITplus database so you don’t have to manually add new products.


Loyalty points

Offer incentives to drive repeat business and allow customers to build up loyalty points each time they buy from you. You can set preferences for your rewards such as money off a future order or to claim free products or special gifts. You can even allow some customers to accrue points at a faster rate to really look after customers that are key to your business.


Manager approval & budget control

Our system allows budgets to be set for each manager or site so a certain amount can be spent per week / month / quarter without approval. So, for example, if you sell your products to a chain of stores, it could be set up so each store has their own online portal and monthly budget. Each store can view their budget and how much remains at any time. If they go over their budget, it is sent automatically to an area manager for approval. We can even build dashboards so area managers can see, at a glance, how much each of their sites is spending.


Saved baskets

Your customers can have as many saved baskets in their portal as they need. This helps businesses who need price approval before purchasing or if they regularly reorder products, they can simply reorder everything in their basket.



Let your customers buy from you from within their own procurement application. We can work with you and your customers to allow them to view and order products you have for sale without having to leave their own application. Often, corporations will prefer suppliers who can offer this functionality and we have the ability to communicate directly with their system, which can open doors to conducting business with large corporations.

Seamless Integration with prof.ITplus


Reduced data entry

No duplication of data entry is required for your website, our sites are designed to automatically gather the key information that already exists from within prof.ITplus, eliminating the need to maintain multiple sets of data – hassle free and 100% accurate.


Self-service customer portals

Reduce your admin workload by allowing your customers access to all their invoicing and order details online. Customer portals can allow customers to make payments for outstanding invoices, view bespoke pricing, access copy invoices, statements, as well as tracking orders and accessing proof of delivery. Customers also have access to offline orders and the ability to change account information, billing details and delivery addresses.


Easy and manageable order process

Selling online doesn’t have to involve extra work in your warehouse. Online orders are handled alongside offline orders, so your delivery team will simply receive a delivery note to pick the items, just like any other order.


Synchronised data flow

All customer details, order history, product information, pricing and stock levels are synchronised between prof.ITplus and your eCommerce website. Whether you change your product pricing structure, a customer pays an invoice, or a new customer buys from your site, all this information is communicated back and forth between systems so that nothing is left out-dated. The seamless flow of data has benefits for both you and your customers. Customers have access to up-to-date account information, without having to call in or email and you can reduce admin time by automating your order processes and reducing the amount of customer call time.


Online channel integration

You don’t even need an eCommerce website for this. We can integrate a prof.ITplus system with an Amazon and eBay account to open up a whole new world of selling possibilities (without the need for additional administration resources) using our prof.ITplus Channel Hub module.

Already have an eCommerce website?

Our Web Development Team is able to integrate your existing eCommerce website with prof.ITplus, which means you can benefit from a wide range of integration features. However some functionality could be limited, the level of integration will depend heavily on your existing web developers and involving a third-party in the process could limit your options. This is why we recommend that prof.ITplus customers choose to develop their eCommerce site with OGL. It will ensure your website can maximise it's potential,  functionality and increase customisation opportunities. 

For more information on how to integrate your existing eCommerce site with prof.ITplus, or to discuss your options, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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