Which ERP System Integrates with Shopify?

Which ERP system integrates with shopify

Among all the eCommerce platforms in the world, Shopify is certainly amongst the most popular – with plenty of reasons too. The main one is that Shopify’s versatility allows all kinds of businesses to build a compelling online shopping experience. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re just starting out or an established trader with decades of experience behind you. Companies of all sizes and across all sectors are relying more and more on Shopify to provide them with a user-friendly and scalable sales platform.

As great as Shopify is, it can’t do it all. As businesses grow, it becomes more difficult to manage data effectively. That’s why you need an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to work alongside it. In a few words, an ERP is a type of business software that acts as the central hub of your company. It ensures the smooth running of key processes such as inventory software, purchase capacity or sales order management.

Integrating Shopify into your ERP system

As your business grows bigger, so will the need to integrate your Shopify platform into all your other systems. If you want to achieve sustainable growth, it is crucial that you ensure that you’re implementing automated processes and making decisions based on real data.

The significance that this has cannot be overstated. If you’re looking to integrate Shopify into your ERP, a half-baked job won’t cut it. You need an ERP solution that takes care of every single back-end operation, from purchasing stock to reporting on performance.

A fully integrated ERP solution such as Profit4 will enable automatic data synchronisation, immediately updating your customer details and stock levels. Profit4 includes personalised workspaces and dashboards that will take your industry and company insights to the next level. Its fully integrated CRM will equip your sales team with all the right tools to close deals at better profit margins. Additionally, it will help them to build strong customer relationships by storing all customer information and history in one platform.

By integrating Profit4 with your Shopify store, you will gain access to an arsenal of tools that will streamline and speed up all your processes. For instance, you will be able to download sales orders from Shopify and add them to your ERP without the need for manual input. The amount of time this will save you is invaluable. Instead of having your employees going through dozens of spreadsheets, you will receive real-time sales updates that will boost your business insight.

Make the most out of Shopify with ERP integration

Integrating Shopify into your ERP system can be the key that leads you to sustainable growth. With personalised workspaces that provide you with real-time data, having an ERP solution like OGL’s Profit4 will ensure that you’ll never leave anything to chance.

Forget about soul-destroying manual processes that make your employees miserable. Embrace automation today with Profit4 to truly empower your team – because working smart will always be more efficient than working hard.

If you want to see how Profit4 works, you can book a free demo today.

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