About Bearing Transmission & Pneumatics Ltd

BTP service a wide range of industries both large and small, from food processing to the turbine production industry. With a large combined stock holding across the group and the support of bearing transmission and pneumatic industry leaders, there are no limits to BTP’s abilities. BTP has been using prof.ITplus for 12 years and is based in the East Midlands.

Number of Employees: 29

Partnered with OGL since: 2006

Company Location: Derbyshire

Company Website: www.btpltd.com

prof.ITplus drives repeat business and customer satisfaction

Bearing Transmission and Pneumatics Ltd pride themselves on their efficient, reliable and consistent levels of quality customer service. With this in mind, we spoke to the Branch Manager at BTP to see how prof.ITplus has helped them maintain this level of service over the past 12 years.

How did you first hear about OGL and prof.ITplus?

“Prior to working with OGL we had support from a small company who had designed us a bespoke system. The system had become difficult to use following a period of business growth and we were looking for something that fitted our size and processes better. Our supplier suggested we take a look at three different ERP systems (one being prof.ITplus). After reviewing the systems, we chose prof.ITplus as it was best suited to our needs.”

Why did BTP choose prof.ITplus over other systems available?

“prof.ITplus is used heavily in our industry and is proven to help businesses and work effectively. It has a much easier interface than our previous bespoke system. Every process we have that is specific to our line of business fit perfectly with the way prof.ITplus works. We needed to make sure the integration between stock control and invoicing worked well, thankfully prof.ITplus has helped us with this. We had a few processes that we would consider to be difficult for a system to comply with, however due to OGL working extensively with businesses that supply the Hydraulic and Pneumatics industry, their system fit our processes perfectly. Every question that we asked regarding our unique processes was met with an explanation on how prof.ITplus could work with us and examples of how other businesses in our industry work with the system.”

Are there any specific modules which you find valuable?

“The CRM module helps us to see our customer buying history which we find extremely useful in ensuring we do not miss key sales opportunities and the accounts module has also been very helpful in enabling us to streamline customer transactions.

“The system has also helped us greatly with stock control as we can forecast what we will be selling. We have customers that need products urgently due to their line of work and prof.ITplus has helped us to meet their demands. We can go into each individual customer history and see past orders which helps to streamline the order process and gather information quickly. This has enabled us to work more efficiently than we had done previously and provide a good level of customer service.

“Speed and efficiency is key in our business and it is what we are known for in the industry. prof.ITplus helps us to supply quality products to our customers in a timely manner which then generates repeat business. prof.ITplus being so simple to use has made a positive impact on everyday life.”

"We chose prof.ITplus as it’s a tried and tested system that’s proven to work in our industry, we’ve many suppliers and customers that use it."

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