How an FAQ section can improve customer service

An FAQ page allows you to address the frequently asked questions your customers have. Learn how having an FAQ section can help customer service.
March 25, 2019
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An FAQ page allows you to address the frequently asked questions your customers have about your products, services and business. It seems like an obvious feature for improving your customer service, but surprisingly, an FAQ page can offer much more than you think.

What is an FAQ page?

A Frequently Asked Questions section on your website allows you to address common queries, questions and concerns that your customers may have.

Whether you need an FAQ section or simply just a page, this area of your website is where your customers can come to find answers, reassurance and more detailed information about your products and services.

Often, if you have an eCommerce website, questions usually include delivery and returns details. Your FAQ area can enable you to go into the nitty-gritty information that may not be appropriate for your product pages, but actually, this extra information could have a huge impact on your customers' final purchasing decision.

How an FAQ section can improve customer service

Save you time and money

If your inbox is regularly full of the same questions and queries, it can become very time-consuming to reply to all customers with a response. Your FAQ section allows you to answer all your customers' regular queries in one place for them to access at an instant.

The admin efforts involved in managing your queries can be decreased with an FAQ page on your site. Even if customers still email you, you can easily send them a link to your FAQ page which will include all the information they need.

Even with an Enquiry Management Software, answering the same questions from your customers can still become a headache. Your software, however, will give you visibility of your enquiries so you can easily collate a list of your FAQs.

Improve customer experience

A recent survey found that 67 percent of people prefer a self-service option when they have queries about a product. This means that an FAQ section could be a vital tool for your customers.

If customers can gain the information they need without leaving your site or making extra effort to call or email you, then they're more likely to feel at ease when purchasing from you.

Increase sales

Customers who are on the fence when looking to purchase from your business are more likely to complete the sale if they feel at ease with the service.

An FAQ section can provide them with the specifics about products, pricing details and timings for deliveries and peace of mind with the returns procedure, which can lead to an increase in sales.

If answers can be accessed with the click of a button, then the delay in waiting for a response from an email won't deter them from making the decision about buying from you. A self-service style of support is key but that's not to say your contact details shouldn't be clearly visible for those who would also like to speak to a human.

Improve customer loyalty

If customers found it easy to purchase from you, they're more likely to return. Plus, an FAQ page can show your prospects that you're honest and open about your products and services, and that honesty can persuade people to return.

Improve SEO

An extra benefit of an FAQ area is that it can help to improve your SEO, which means you're more likely to be found in online searches (which in turn could increase sales). A page that can be rich in keywords and can include links to other areas of your site is the sort of thing that can improve SEO. But ensure your FAQ area is easily navigable with links to relevant pages within your site. Perhaps you have blogs, product pages or how-to videos that you can send your visitors to view.

Ultimately an FAQ page will reduce incoming enquiries which saves your staff time and improves your customer service, because your customer no longer needs to go out of their way to find the information they need to make a purchase. Utilise your enquiry management software to profile your FAQs to ensure you're providing your customers with exactly what they're looking for. Plus, if your team aren't spending so much time answering admin questions, they can focus on converting sales enquiries to orders.

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