About Cambridgeshire Hydraulics

Cambridgeshire Hydraulics & Pneumatics Limited were established in 1979 and have grown steadily into the ‘Premier’ catalogue and web services provider to the Fluid Power industry. prof.ITplus has played a key role in their business since implementation in 2008 following recommendation from their sister company Parker Hydraulics and Pneumatics Limited. 

Number of Employees: 8

Partnered with OGL since: 2008

Company Location: Cambridgeshire

Company Website: www.cambshydraulics.com

Long standing prof.ITplus customer praises continuous system updates 

prof.ITplus is market leading ERP system that is tailored to meet the needs of businesses in the Hydraulics and Pneumatics sector. We spoke with the director of Cambridgeshire Hydraulics to find out how the software has impacted their business.

How did you find out about prof.ITplus?

“Our sister company Parker Hydraulics and Pneumatics Limited had been using prof.ITplus for a number of years and recommended we implement the software. We listened to their review and arranged for Lyndon Bendall (OGL Sales Manager) to come in and demonstrate the system. prof.ITplus was everything we wanted in terms of software so we went ahead with the decision to install.”

Why did you choose prof.ITplus over other software systems available?

“We made the decision mainly due to the recommendation from our sister company. What fitted their processes would most certainly match ours.”  

prof.ITplus is known for enhancing the processes of businesses in the stockist, distributor and wholesale markets. Businesses with multiple stock lines can benefit from increased speed and efficiency of processes thanks to the 17 modules that seamlessly integrate to create one, simple to use, software system. Businesses using prof.ITplus report improved sales capability, enhanced effectiveness of their workforce and optimised stock management, all thanks to using one simple system, with no added bolt-ons from multiple suppliers.

When asked how prof.ITplus helps with the business operations, the Director of Cambridgeshire Hydraulics commented: “prof.ITplus mainly helps with our accounts, quotes and order processing. It has helped us to become more efficient in these areas and has provided us with full visibility. Our information is now traceable, and we are a lot more organised as a company compared to when we were using our previous bespoke system.”

The Sales Order Processing module allows your sales team to deliver accurate, rapid and reliable invoices and quotes. You’ll have all the information you need on one screen thanks to prof.ITplus collating information such as order history, stock availability, special pricing, alternative product offerings, delivery dates and credit control all in one place. This can help with both organisation and traceability, saving you time and money.

“We have been using the system for 10 years now and it is still fresh and up-to-date. The system has been updated several times since our implementation, and each update has helped the system grow and morph into something better. We will continue to use prof.ITplus for the next decade as it is unlike anything any other provider has shown us for our industry.”

"No other system has come close to matching prof.ITplus and its abilities, it is truly at the forefront of our business."

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