About Deligo

The challenge

  • Outgrown Sage
  • Over 2,500 products
  • Experiencing data loss
  • Too much time spent on manual tasks
  • Increase in demand for online orders
  • Looking to grow & boost sales

Joining forces with OGL Software

Outgrowing Sage

Deligo partnered with OGL back in 2016 when they were looking for a software solution to replace their existing Sage system which they’d outgrown.

“We have over 2,500 products and Sage was at its tether to deal with that. We had a lot of breakdowns in Sage – we lost a lot of data and spent too much time and money trying to fix data. It just seemed like Sage was written over 20 years ago and never updated.”

With plans to acquire new business and continue to grow, Deligo knew they needed an ERP system they could rely on and that would support them as they expanded, “We couldn’t go back to the Sage system now. We had to do so many tasks outside the system, that we spent too much time manually completing processes. OGL Software is great because it connects all areas of the business together and we know it will continually grow with us.”

"We use the system & the SalesVision module to look closely at our customers & what their product spend is, what they are buying & what they could buy."


Boosting online & offline sales

“OGL Software gives us the data and stats we need to improve and move forward.”

Deligo were looking for business software that could help to boost sales and support them in their growth. “I chose OGL Software purely based on sales functionality. We use the system and the SalesVision module to look closely at our customers and what their product spend is, what they are buying and what they could buy. Getting this information would have been very long-winded when using Sage’s Sales-i bolt on, as you have to do a lot of stuff manually outside the system. We outgrew Sage and since we’ve switched to OGL Software, we’ve definitely seen a step up in our sales and our customer service.”

Creating an online presence

Deligo knew that it was important to offer their customers an online service as the new younger generation of buyers expect an online store and self-service portal. “The main reason we created an eCommerce website was because OGL could integrate the website with the software system, which is important when we deal with large businesses who have accounts with us, and they need to view invoices as well as place orders.”

The integrated eCommerce store expanded Deligo’s routes to market, but primarily it allowed them to offer enhanced customer service.

“Customers can go in to get a copy invoice and they’ll see products that they didn’t know we sold, that they’ll add to their basket. When customers go through the website, they often buy related products and up their average order value as they can browse everything we offer. The website is the perfect way to showcase our products, much like our catalogue, but easier to update and more accessible.”

"The orders on the web are more profitable & we can continue to increase online sales without increasing our sales team as the orders are integrated with OGL Software"


A decrease in admin time

“The orders we take on the website are more profitable as we can increase sales orders, but we don’t have to increase our sales team as the website is integrated."

"Plus, the orders we receive online are typically longer than those over the phone, which would take up more processing time for our staff.  However, we’ve actually seen a decrease in admin time for our staff, both sales and the accounts team, which in turn saves us money. The integration between the website and OGL Software and the flow of orders is great, we have no complaints.”

The results

Increased sales
Increased sales
& profitability
customer service
All areas of
All areas of
the business connected
A Fully
A Fully
Integrated Website
Full visibility
Full visibility
of customer data

Deligo reflects on their partnership with OGL

Continuing to improve efficiencies & productivity

Looking to the future, Deligo has plans to grow and to improve its users’ use of the system to continually improve its efficiency and productivity.

“We’re working closely with OGL on the stock side of things as we’re looking to use multi depots and work on our purchasing to help cash flow and space. OGL Software gives us the data and statistics we need to improve and move forward.”

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