About DJB Supplies

DJB is a Gloucestershire based business who has been offering a range of cleaning products at competitive prices since 1985. They currently have ten employees who have been using prof.ITplus for the past 20 months. DJB recently became the first distributor in the UK to gain accreditation from the Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA). 

Number of Employees: 10

Partnered with OGL since: 2015

Company Location: Gloucestershire

Company Website: www.djb-supplies.co.uk

prof.ITplus software helps DJB Supplies obtain the first UK industry accreditation from CHSA

When did you first find out about prof.ITplus?

“Many years ago, after seeing the adverts and receiving a few telesales calls from OGL, we agreed to a visit from Mike Cross (when he was a lad!). We were impressed with the system at that time, but could not afford the costs as we were still growing. OGL kept in contact over the years, so we got in touch when we were ready to take the step. We were previously using Snip in the late 80’s, then Sage Line 100, then Sage MMS and finally Sage Line 200 before moving to OGL prof.ITplus last year. We had a few issues with the stock management in Sage, and had to do a lot of our processes manually. Since implementing prof.ITplus we have saved a lot of time and energy which we have been able to reinvest into other business processes."

Were there any specific challenges/problems that you wanted prof.ITplus to help solve when you began using it and can you describe what these were?

“We needed a program that was able to calculate what needed ordering from the pre-set levels and then organise them by customer, eliminating the hassle of printing off reports and calculating orders manually. We were previously spending lots of time looking back through customer orders to find items previously purchased.”

prof.ITplus intelligently draws together all elements at play ensuring efficient stock levels. It also looks at customer orders, works orders, current stock, pre-set minimum / maximum stock levels, seasonal trends and sales forecasts to compile purchase orders. What’s more, the ordered quantities are broken down into numbers for stock, customer orders or works orders. Perfect for efficient handling when the order is delivered – no more misallocated stock.

“We use prof.ITplus daily in our purchasing department, it controls everything to do with the stock. The re-ordering, receiving and stock control is all achieved simply with prof.ITplus. A lot of time has been saved with tele-order templates and batch despatching, we are also pleased with the barcode scanner option which saves a lot of time, and makes finding copy delivery notes so much easier. The CRM keeps all our information in one place, and can keep a record on how often customers are ordering, and what they are ordering, so nothing is missed.”

"We felt that prof.ITplus would be the best system for DJB Cleaning Supplies Limited."

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