About Gibb Tools

Gibb Tools is a leading, specialist tool supplier that was originally started by Iain Clark. They began in 1933, supplying tools to the Oil and Gas sector in Aberdeen, but has grown and expanded into the shipping sector, with future plans to expand into the automotive industry. Over the last decade, the large in-house stock, combined with high quality service has meant fast growth.

Did you know: the original colours of the Gibb Tools man were based on Hibs Football Club.

Number of Employees: 40

Partnered with OGL since: 2016

Company Location: Aberdeen

Company Website: www.gibbtools.com

Gibb Tools achieves a more automated and streamlined workflow with prof.ITplus

Gibb Tools rely on the Sales, Stock Management and Accounts modules in prof.ITplus to ensure their fast-paced, ever growing company keeps on top of their large warehouse and high quality customer service.

We spoke to their Pricing Analyst to understand how our business software has improved the operations in the company and how prof.ITplus impacts their role day to day.

“The software was recommended to us by a colleague, who was impressed by the software following his previous experience at another company.” Gibb Tools were looking for “a computer package that could combine the functionality of the several independent processes that we were currently operating and reduce our reliance on paper and manual entry”. Before prof.ITplus was installed over 2 years ago, the team was largely using a manual system, with the Accounts conducted using Sage 200 and Stock Management was handled using a bespoke system.

"The reporting features have greatly improved the efficiency of our work... it's much easier to track customer trends."

Prior to choosing prof.ITplus, Gibb Tools were looking for a system to create “a more automated and streamlined workflow”. The business processes were largely paper-based, and the company needed a more reliable and streamlined system. After a recommendation from a new colleague who had previously used the system in another company, Gibb Tools decided to invest in prof.ITplus to help drive their business forward.

“Due to the high volumes of stock we deal with, we needed better traceability on stock movement. The reporting features on prof.ITplus have made it much easier to track customer trends and spending.”

Centralising and automating their sales order processes was key to modernising their way of working, “with [prof.ITplus] Sales Orders are directly entered into the system, as opposed to written manually on paper. We now have much more visibility of stock levels, it’s easier to collate purchase orders and all our information is kept centrally within the same system.” Using one system to manage everything and combine all business processes including, customer information, quotes, orders, stock management, pricing, analysis and accounts can minimise the time spent manually inputting and comparing data, freeing up staff to make better use of their time growing the business. The automation of processes enables Gibb Tools to focus their time on the high-quality customer service they’re known for as well as expanding their company to supply to other markets.

"Using one system to manage everything and combine all business processes... frees up staff to make better use of their time growing the business."

Gibbs Tools’ Price Analyst explains, “the reporting features have greatly improved the efficiency of our work. Almost anything can be mass uploaded or downloaded from the system. It is much easier to track customer trends and applying customer special pricing is much more consistent than before.”

“prof.ITplus has greatly improved the efficiency of our team, all of the OGL staff have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable… and I would definitely recommend it to others.”

"prof.ITplus has greatly improved the efficiency of our team, we could not imagine returning to our previous methods of operation. We have much more visibility within the company, which has driven improvements in efficiency."

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