How to improve accuracy in the Medical & Healthcare Supplies Industry

Medical and Healthcare distributors have the added pressure of the laws and sensitivity surrounding their products when storing, selling and shipping their supplies to customers. Customer service, order efficiency and business productivity are the areas of concern for all wholesalers and distributors, but in the Medical & Healthcare industry, it’s imperative that your business can handle the sensitive information, data laws and stock traceability your products require.

In order to meet the key challenges your industry faces, you need accurate and reliable business processes in place that will ensure the data and stock you hold is correct and up-to-date. The easiest way to implement accurate business processes - automate and digitalise your processes.

How ERP Software can give you control and visibility

ERP software is designed to connect all areas of your business from contact management to stock control, accounts, warehouse management, purchasing and your online sales platforms. An ERP solution tailored for medical supplies distributors handles all the functionality you need to deliver an accurate, reliable service.

5 key benefits of an ERP solution to the medical supplies industry
Deliver quality customer service

Whether your customers are businesses or end-users, as medical & healthcare suppliers you’re often dealing with sensitive or confidential information. A CRM system helps you to easily manage any sensitive information you need to know about your customers to ensure you always deliver quality customer service. Customer details, previous orders, pricing, past emails and notes can be centrally stored. Any member of your team, who has the permission to access, can then have full visibility of your customer’s journey for a personalised service.

Easily send and store data sheets required by law

A lot of your stock will require data sheets, by law, to be accessible and sent to customers at purchase. An ERP Software will allow you to easily update, store and send data sheets with orders when necessary. Meaning you can stay on top of your requirements without the hassle. 

Visibility and traceability of stock

Tracking stock manually increases your risk of errors. Tracing supplier batches, noting serial numbers and keeping on top of expiry dates is a simple process when automated in a software solution. Take control of your stock and reduce the risk of errors with a software solution that will remove hours of hard work.

Barcode scanning will revolutionise your warehouse

Not only will a Warehouse Management System (WMS) improve efficiencies and productivity in your warehouse, it will also help your business with accuracy. Inputting products into the system when they arrive to your warehouse and allocating them a specific bin location will ensure, when your team members are picking items for customer orders, that they’re selecting the right product off the shelf. A WMS can help you increase order fulfilment speeds, improve customer satisfaction and ensure you send the right product, which could be crucial to your customer.

Sell your products online

Increase your sales opportunities and provide your customers with a multi-channel shopping experience and integrated eCommerce website. Benefits for your business and your customers are endless with an eCommerce website.

  • Easily showcase your brand as B2C or B2B with eCommerce store fronts that are tailored for your users.
  • Set budget management controls so your customers who have multiple branches can seamlessly manage their account on your online store.
  • Set customer pricing structures, benefits and promotions that are visible on your customers’ online accounts.
  • Allow for PunchOut options so your customers can buy from you within their own procurement system.
  • Online orders are synced with your software so stock levels and customer details are accurate. Plus, orders are automatically inputted and sent to the warehouse for picking.

prof.ITplus, the Business Software solution for Medical Suppliers.

prof.ITplus is an ERP software solution developed specially for wholesalers and distributors but it’s also a software tailored for the Medical Supplies industry. Gain control and visibility of your business with ease so you and your team can focus their time away from admin tasks.

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