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Manually managing your online sales channels will hinder your potential and your team won’t be able to produce the results you expect. By integrating your digital channels with your ERP software, you remove the manual processes for an optimised eCommerce operation.

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  • How your eCommerce team can use Profit4 icon#1
    Streamline your eCommerce operations
  • How your eCommerce team can use Profit4 icon#2
    Get orders out faster
  • How your eCommerce team can use Profit4 icon#3
    Outperform the competition
  • How your eCommerce team can use Profit4 icon#4
    Reduce order processing admin
  • How your eCommerce team can use Profit4 icon#5
    Make more informed decisions

Feature-rich to simplify those labour-intensive tasks

With Profit4, your eCommerce team can easily view orders and analyse customer data with our advanced analytics.

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All departments using the same data

Update product information, stock levels, pricing and customer details in one place.

The integration syncs data for an accurate view of your business so customers can shop confidently.

Your eCommerce team can easily build out your product catalogue with centralised control of your stock.

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Build a Customer Portal

Enable your customers to manage their own account admin with fully integrated customer portals.

They can view their delivery details, order history and latest invoices without having to call your office.

They can simply place re-orders too which will be automatically inputted to your software for your warehouse team to pick and pack.

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Profit4 integrates with leading eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify and Amazon.

These user-friendly platforms make your eCommerce team's job easier, coupled with the management of all data in Profit4, you can stay proactive and in control.

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Access while working from home

As a true Cloud solution that is accessible through your internet browser, your team can access Profit4 anytime and anywhere.

This ensures you always have access to your real-time business data, even when working from home.

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Real-time sales performance data

With its real-time data you can quickly identify fluctuations in demand, top-selling products and those in need of additional promotion.

Having accurate data at your fingertips ensures you can make more informed decisions and increase sales and profitability.


Last year we had a record year with our turnover up by 40%. We wouldn’t have been able to facilitate that growth without Profit4.

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