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Metalflex endorse the excellent project management of their pathway to prof.ITplus

At OGL we pride ourselves on our Implementation Pathway which all new customers work through to ensure the process of integrating prof.ITplus and replacing old systems is as smooth and as effective as possible. Featuring five milestones: consultancy, planning, training, Go Live and transition, the Implementation Pathway ensures our customers have a clear understanding of what is involved at the outset of being a prof.ITplus customer and have assurance of OGL’s support, experience and expertise throughout.

We were delighted to hear that Metalflex, a manufacturer of hose assemblies and ancillary products, has been impressed with everything we offered them during their recent pathway from QuickBooks to prof.ITplus.

The Director of Metalflex, was down at OGL’s offices receiving prof.ITplus training and we managed to catch up with him to find out just how good his experience of prof.ITplus and OGL has been during the nine months since purchasing the system.

“The support and resources we’ve been given to guide us through the process of moving to prof.ITplus have been very impressive indeed. As Metalflex moves into its 17th year in business we want to have in place a system which will propel us to the next level of business and I can already see the benefits that the system will bring. It’s just a matter of completing the training, getting going with it and then reaping the rewards.”

Kevin Crowe, prof.ITplus Consultant, was Metalflex’s first point of contact with OGL and during initial meetings Metalflex were very keen to stress to Kevin that he wanted the new system to replace his, and the fellow Directors, memories!

“We have such a lot of knowledge about the company in our heads. It was difficult to have holidays from the business because we were always needed for something. We didn’t have a sophisticated enough system to house everything about the company; the whos, hows, wheres, whens.”

It’s a problem Kevin, and our other consultants, are familiar with. Many directors and senior people within businesses, as they have grown, have committed more and more important company information to memory rather than into a system. New staff join the company as it gets successful and they are constantly having to ask those with the knowledge for answers (or read minds!)

Metalflex commented that one of the best examples of this was their discount parameters.

“Discounts offered to regular customers and for large bulk orders were given piecemeal by myself or the other Director. Kevin explained that all discount parameters can be set on prof.ITplus by customers, value or product. We’ve done this and also set things up so that we can see the profit margin on every order raised in the system to ensure we are hitting company targets.”

“This is just one example of how prof.ITplus will improve our operation.”

A Metalflex Director, on…

prof.ITplus consultancy

“It was clear from speaking with Kevin that he has years of experience in advising businesses how to become more efficient and effective using prof.ITplus. His experience is genuine and he’s someone whose advice I was very comfortable in listening to and taking. Kevin understood everything we wanted to achieve with the new system and translated it for the delivery team so it could become reality.” [Kevin has worked at OGL Computer for 32 years]

prof.ITplus planning

“Planning has been spot-on throughout. We agreed timescales during this stage and they’ve been kept to. All our training sessions were planned in advance, we knew when we were migrating data over and what our Go Live date was. We experienced an internet connection failure during data transfer which stalled that part of things but we had a field engineer from OGL to site the next day and our Go Live date didn’t have to change.”

prof.ITplus training

“We’ve had 13 training sessions in total and the whole course has been excellent. Paul [Jackson, Training Consultant] has been very helpful indeed and answered all of our questions. Same with Melissa [Jackson, Project Leader]. Both very good and given us the confidence we need to get to grips with a complex system.”

prof.ITplus Go Live

“No problems with the Go Live at all. We knew what to expect; no access to systems for two days, but we were able to manage this as it had been so well planned in the earlier stages. We had Paul Jackson here for the duration of the Go Live process so we knew we were in safe hands throughout.”

prof.ITplus transition

“We’re still in the transition stage of the process so we’re still receiving training and have priority support in case we have any issues as the system beds into Metalflex. Everything indicates that we will continue to receive excellent support from the OGL team as we progress. This is a long-term investment for Metalflex so we are expecting an ongoing relationship with OGL to ensure we achieve everything we want to in the coming years as a business.”

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