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Miller Medical Supplies discuss their favourite three features of prof.ITplus

Miller Medical Supplies (MMS) based in Newport, South Wales has been using prof.ITplus since 2013, when they moved way from QuickBooks. We spoke to the Director at MMS to talk about the impact prof.ITplus has had over the past few years.

Warehouse Management 

“prof.ITplus has been excellent in three fields of our business. First off, the Warehouse Management Module has enabled us to introduce barcode scanning to the business. Picking and packing errors have been reduced significantly because the room for human error is so much less. Now the warehouse is barcode-orientated it means our employees are able to work with greater speed, efficiency and accuracy. What more could you ask of a system!”


“Previously it was a laborious task to track overdue invoices but clearly one that had to be done each month. Some months it could take one member of staff a full day to sort through.

prof.ITplus has automated this task so a few clicks of a button and a report is produced which lists exactly which customers are overdue and how long by. We can set the system to automatically contact these customers with a reminder by email or letter and we can also automatically put accounts on stop if any become too far overdue.”

Customer Quotes and Order Processing

“I’ve been really impressed with the traceability of follow-up events in the quotes and order processing screens. If an enquiry is made but doesn’t convert to sale, the system will alert us to give them a ring and see if there is any way we can assist the customer and encourage them to place the order with us. Visibility like this is invaluable for maximising sales.

I would certainly recommend prof.ITplus to companies who are similar to ours and are looking to go from manual working to computerised / automated processes. Setting up the system and transferring our company data over was hard work but was certainly worth it. We are now reaping the rewards of making the move across from QuickBooks which we had very much outgrown.”

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