It’s easier than you think to switch from Pegasus

We've put together our frequently asked questions regarding switching to OGL Software from Pegasus. Find out more about the benefits of our software solutions to your business and why OGL is the software partner you need to drive your business forward. 

Benefits you can't live without

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    Regular, free updates
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    Personal Account Manager
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    Friendly in-house support
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    On-going training even after go-live
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    On-premise or cloud hosted options

Your questions answered:

Do you struggle with your current Pegasus software?

Do you often find that you're manually completing tasks outside of your Pegasus system because it's not sophisticated enough to handle your processes?  

We often hear, from companies looking to switch from Pegasus, that the stock control, reporting and sales order processing modules are very basic. This leads to challenges such as: the inability to search for products easily, unable to remove obsolete stock codes, it's not possible to change a quote into an order and stock in different depots can't be viewed or allocated. 

The pricing of stock is also reported as a problem for Pegasus customers because they aren't able to include transport costs into cost pricing and they can't do quantity breaks for stock orders, which means most of the stock pricing is done outside of the system in order to accurately work out margins.

These challenges affect the productivity and efficiency of your business processes. This ultimately has an overall effect on business performance and can also hinder growth and expansion. We tackle the issues businesses face with Pegasus and other ERP systems that restrict optimum performance and growth. Our business software is a fully integrated ERP system built with our customers and their industry needs in mind. Our 40 years of experience in the software industry means we have adapted and developed a system that works perfectly for our customers. With a variety of core modules, tailored for your industry, you can be sure that OGL Software will work seamlessly with your business.

Our development team is always expanding and improving our software to meet our customers’ needs and over the past 40 years has created modules we know will meet your requirements, including:

  • Quote and sales order management
  • Dynamic pricing structures
  • Seamless CRM integration
  • Warehouse & stock management
  • On the road ordering and sales analysis
  • Company reporting
  • eCommerce and online shopping channel integration

We make it simple to move from Pegasus

We understand the move from one business software package to another can be daunting and this is often the main reason businesses choose not to upgrade. But you won’t regret your choice with OGL Software.

We have a dedicated delivery team, with years of experience migrating companies from Pegasus, who will manage the process of migrating from start to finish and will be there every step of the way to make sure you’re comfortable and happy with the move. We also dedicate time before the move to fully understand your business and the way you work so you can be confident that OGL Software will support your business the way you need it to. 

Our expert Data Analysts will ensure your data history is transferred so you can continue the day-to-day running of your business, but this time only better!

Your key users will also undergo training on the system, which can be done either at OGL’s training facilities or on your own site. This means your team will have a good understanding of how everything works before you go live. We will even be on-site with you when you go live to help with any initial queries.

Better still, once the delivery team has moved you from Pegasus to OGL Software, your dedicated Account Manager is always on hand to make sure you’re getting the best out of the software. And we don’t stop there, our team of Software Developers work continuously on further enhancements and improvements, which are rolled out every couple of months, free of charge, as part of your ongoing Software Support package.

We provide ongoing support

Without effective support for your software, your business can be left in a critical position that hinders your sales. The team behind OGL Software understands the importance of your software running smoothly at all times, which is why we’re rated so highly on our robust, reliable system.

Moving to OGL Software means that if you need support for your software - maybe a staff member is having problems changing something within the system - or you are experiencing technical issues, then our support team is on hand to assist. Better still, we don't sell our products using re-sellers, so right from the beginning of your journey, you'll always be dealing directly with us. 

We have a dedicated in-house Support Team, including specialists in each area of the software and development, available to give you the best solutions and advice for your problems.

And if you just want to make sure you are getting the most out of the software then your Account Manager will be able to advise you. 

Software features your business needs: 

Fully Integrated CRM

Our CRM module gives you the ability to; email quotes with product images attached, profile customers for targeted marketing campaigns, track conversion rates for quotes to orders for account reporting. Plus, it seamlessly communicates with all other modules - for example, it enables you to view specific account information when inputting an order in the Sales Order screen. You can also record all external or internal communications regarding a customer account to ensure you deliver excellent customer service for your clients. 

Sophisticated Pricing

OGL Software will ensure your bottom line is accurate and growing with our sophisticated and comprehensive pricing module. Our fully integrated ERP system ensures all areas of your business communicate, which means you can set, amend and create special pricing schemes, mass import new pricing and set the lowest permitted selling cost to help sales reps haggle but keep your profits steady. 

Stock Control & Management

Manually keeping on top of your growing product portfolio is time-consuming and open to errors which impacts heavily on profits. Our Stock Control module automates processes such as re-ordering stock based on minimum stock level parameters, making purchasing stock accurate and efficient. Other benefits include: advanced searching capabilities, supplier price imports, perpetual stocktakes, batch traceability to monitor expiry dates and link items for part dispatch. 

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"Since implementing prof.ITplus our business has significantly increased, it's revolutionised our warehouse. We regularly recommend prof.ITplus to other businesses." 

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