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About Riley Shutt (Tools) Ltd

Established in 1968, Riley Shutt is a tooling distribution business that supplies cutting tools for CNC machine companies. In recent years, they have grown their product range to an extensive 150,000 stock lines. They have been using prof.ITplus since 2007.

Number of Employees: 24

Partnered with OGL since: 2007

Company Location: Lancashire

Company Website: www.rileyshutt.co.uk

At OGL we pride ourselves on our prof.ITplus Pathway which all new customers work through to ensure the process of transitioning to prof.ITplus and replacing old systems is as smooth and effective as possible.

How did you manage your IT and software systems before partnering with OGL and what problems did you face? 

“We previously used Merlin as our software and hardware provider prior to moving to OGL. At the time the software system lacked flexibility and was fragmented. Each module supplied ran independently of the next and reduced the security and ease of use we required. Hardware quality was low and response times were unpredictable.

“Consolidation into an all-in-one system for all business aspects was key to the choice of an IT and software provider. The ability to take the information from our existing system and map across to prof.ITplus without any downtime was critical. This enabled continuous trading without interruption to our customers.

"In regards to the prof.ITplus business software, the SalesVision module has been great. The sales guys love it. Real time reporting in the field is critical in today’s business environment and it gives enhanced reporting to that available in ProfIT (the previous version of prof.ITplus)."

SalesVision is a powerful sales analysis module available within the prof.ITplus software that helps businesses to understand customer buying trends, access sales data instantly, manage performance, increase productivity and accountability. This is particularly useful for the distribution sector as it helps businesses to stay one step ahead of their competitors and have instant access to vital data. The CRM module can be used to effectively manage existing customer and prospect data, and will hold all your contact details, enquiries, transactions and notes in one centralised location.

When asked how OGL’s cloud data recovery service has helped Riley Shutt, they commented: “The solution allows us to have a non-invasive backup system without a local physical storage medium. This gives us peace of mind that our data is retrievable and safe. When needed, files saved on our server are easily recovered. If worst came to worst, we know that OGL will have us back in business in no time. The telephone support services coupled with our account management has been key to continuing the use of the services provided by OGL. Response times are excellent, and communication is superb.

“Our long-term goal is to have more flexibility to access our information. In time we are hoping to transfer more of our systems to the cloud. Removing hardware from the equation will help reduce complexity and costs for support and energy. OGL has these options and will play a role in the future when we decide the change is needed.”

The OGL Cloud is our very own highly advanced and secure platform that delivers incredible benefits for businesses looking to host their IT in the cloud.

"In regards to the prof.ITplus business software, the SalesVision module has been great. The sales guys love it as real time reporting in the field is critical in today’s business environment."

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