• It’s easier than you think to switch to OGL Software

    Our software delivery team are experts at transferring businesses from their existing software systems including, Sage, EDP, Quickbooks and Pegasus. We understand that downtime is not an option for your company, which is why we take every step to ensure the switch to our new software is seamless.

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    Download our Switching Guides

    Find out the benefits and how easy it is to switch from your current software to OGL Software.

  • “The support and resources we’ve been given to guide us through the process of moving to OGL Software have been very impressive indeed."


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    Trusted by businesses big and small

    Businesses you may know, who already use OGL Software to drive their business forward.

  • Download our Switching Guide

    Want to find out how easy it is to switch from your current software? We have answered all your questions in our Software Switching Guide 

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    Tailored to your industry  

    We specialise in a variety of industries within the wholesale and distribution sector, below are just a few that our software is tailored for: 

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      Fasteners & Fixings
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      Engineers Merchants
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      Catering Equipment & Supplies
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      Electrical & Lighting
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      Plumbing & Heating
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