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Switchtec reduces manual processes with prof.ITplus and eShop

Switchtec has steady growth in their future plans and they needed to be sure they had a well-developed system to support them and their growing customer and product base. Before prof.ITplus, the company used a bespoke, outdated software with a separate CRM that left them still carrying out very manual processes. “One of the biggest reasons we bought prof.ITplus was because all the modules were integrated, including CRM, accounts, purchasing and now the website.”

prof.ITplus has made Switchtec more efficient in many areas of the business including purchasing: “We used to print and manually go through all purchase orders line by line. It was a full-time job because it was so labour intensive. But now, with prof.ITplus, we have streamlined the process, automated a lot and the role is now part time.”

“prof.ITplus has made us more efficient in many areas, which frees time up to do other things. “

Implementing an eCommerce website was a big move for Switchtec, but after seeing potential in their eBay account and wanting a newly designed website anyway, “we haven’t looked back. We’re not setting the world on fire but it’s a part of the business we couldn’t be without. We have a minimum order value over the phone of £25, so we often have smaller orders going through the site because there isn’t that restriction. This is because the order is automatically processed, and a picking list is simply delivered to the warehouse team which cuts out the admin work.”

Their eCommerce website also allows them to provide better customer service: “If we have a customer on the phone who is unsure of the exact product they’re trying to order, we direct them to a product page on the website, which has the relevant datasheet attached, and ask ‘Is this what you’re looking for?’ This gives the customer peace of mind that they’ve ordered the correct item, which in turn reduces returns and extra administration.”

“Stock is everything and for us as a distributor, the stock management module is great.”

Switchtec also run a successful eBay account, “and now it’s integrated to prof.ITplus it works so much better because it removes the manual admin. We were worried about growing the eBay account because of the increase in admin, but prof.ITplus has made it easy to grow that account and we don’t look back.” The eBay account has also been a great marketing and branding tool for them. Customers have come directly to them once they’ve realised they’re a fully scaled business after seeing them listed on eBay. Having a multi-channel selling technique has allowed Switchtec to keep selling to their customers in more ways than one, keeping them happy and wanting to return.

Ultimately, stock is at the heart of Switchtec and in order for them to continue to expand their portfolio and grow in the UK, they needed an ERP software that connects all business processes and allows them to run efficiently. “For us as a distributor, stock is everything and the stock management module is great. The way you can extract information to run stock reports is probably my favourite feature. The stock module handles perpetual stock checks, reports, dispatching and more, so the system is perfect for distributors as a whole.”

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