About Anderson Electrical

Anderson Electrical is a family run wholesale, distribution, and service business. Since the 1960’s the Anderson family has been involved in the supply of cleaning machines and spare parts. Today they operate from a 4,000 sqft premise with trade counter and showroom for both retail and trade customers.

Partnered with OGL since: 2020

Company Location: Derby

Company Website: https://anderson-trade.co.uk

The challenge

Prior to implementing Profit4, the team at Anderson Electrical were running their business on Sage 50 software, which was no longer fit for purpose. This presented several challenges for the business and they knew something had to change.

The Director of Anderson Electrical explained,

“Sage 50 was an off-the-shelf, easy package that got us from starting up the company to a position where we were doing really well. But everything was just too manual, and we needed something to make the business flow a little better and to take away the human decisions. It becomes hard work trying to manage all these things and we realised life could be easier.”

After exploring several alternatives on the market, Anderson Electrical decided that Profit4 was the best solution for their needs. They commented, “Profit4 ticked every box for us in terms of time savings and efficiency, which would ultimately result in monetary savings that we could reinvest in the business.”

An efficient support system built for success

The first step of implementing Profit4 was to clean the company’s existing data to ensure it was accurate going forward. “The ability to cleanse our historic data has had a massive impact and we would be struggling now if we hadn’t had that refresh”, said the Director.

Once their data was set up in Profit4, Anderson Electrical wanted to find ways to reduce the amount of time employees spent processing orders.

“The efficiencies with Profit4 are fantastic. There are some amazing features that allow us to manage our stock and sales really well. We didn’t have live stock counts on Sage, we allowed the stock to go into a negative number and manually had to check levels, so a lot of things got missed. We are no longer running out of stock like we used to because we can create workspaces in Profit4 to give us complete visibility. We’re also buying and selling at the right price because the system tells us.”

Not only has Profit4 given Anderson Electrical a real-time view of its stock levels, incoming shipments and outgoing orders but the integration with the trade counter  has also enabled them to be far more transparent and efficient with their customers, as it can provide up to date pricing information and generate orders straight away.

“Profit4 provides us with powerful information, all in one place. It connects all areas of our business to make it more fool proof and gives us the confidence that nothing will be missed because there’s less human involvement.”

An exciting future

Profit4’s flexibility and ease of use has helped Anderson Electrical to grow in times of uncertainty. During the pandemic, Anderson Electrical saw an explosion in sales:

“Last year we had a record year with our turnover up by 40%. We wouldn’t have been able to facilitate that growth without Profit4.”

Referring to their future use of Profit4, Anderson Electrical commented “I see the desire and passion of everyone I speak to at OGL. I’m excited to be part of the journey. Plus, all the new features that are being added are allowing us to be more efficient all the time.”

“Profit4 gives us the flexibility to move in times of uncertainty.”

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