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Andway Healthcare

prof.ITplus enables Andway Healthcare to deliver excellent customer service

16 years ago, Andway Healthcare was the brainchild of Andrew Ledgeway who, through a career in sales, had spotted an opportunity to provide the care home industry with a more comprehensive range of medical items and equipment with a fast turnaround. Andway Healthcare is currently working on a 3-year growth plan to double the size of the company to give them the profits they need to invest more to save their customers even more money and time.  

“We are now super confident in our stock position and stock management.” 

Andway Healthcare chose OGL Software because “we needed to integrate our operation and as a distribution based business, stock turn and stock management is absolutely central.” Since then the healthcare distribution market has continually changed, but prof.ITplus remains the support they need to deliver the excellent customer services they strive for. “Our marketplace is ultra-competitive, so Andway Healthcare is unashamedly crazy about customer service. The focus of every department is all about the client getting their goods on time, at the right price and fit for purpose” which is why it’s essential that they have a reliable software solution in place to help them exceed their customer expectations in the most cost-effective way.

“Before implementing prof.ITplus, the challenges of stock flow was high on our priority list, as was stock valuation. We wanted to ensure a smooth and accurate stock take process, accurate and speedy returns process and an end to end system all in one place, without the need for additional software add-ons.

“We are now super confident in our stock position and stock management.” As a distributor in the medical industry, it’s necessary to hold large amounts of stock in order to meet the customers’ needs of ordering little and often, which can quickly become out of hand without complete control of your stock processes. “With prof.ITplus, we now carry thousands of product lines but have complete control over their location, usage and cost” ensuring their profit margins are controlled, their warehouse is effectively managed and customer orders can seamlessly be fulfilled.

“We make our decisions based on the SalesVision information, it’s as simple as that, without this information we would be making inaccurate and potentially ruinous decisions.”

“prof.ITplus literally sits at the heart of our business. Every head office-based team member logs straight on to the system as soon as they start work and all departments use it as their everyday communication and reporting tool and go-to resource.

“We now have no duplication of processes or data in our business. With an end to end system, each department knows what and when they need to enter information, how to find data and how to extract what they need in their departmental discipline. We are faster, smarter and up to the minute in our working processes.”

Accurate, reliable and on-demand sales and company data is the only way to make smarter business decisions that will allow Andway Healthcare to meet their future goals. SalesVision, the prof.ITplus analysis and reporting tool, gives the company full visibility of their operations allowing them to continually improve.

“SalesVision is our go-to overview management tool and holds all the reports we need to interrogate. With SalesVision, we have our eyes on our margins at all times, whether it’s overall margin, margin per sales rep or margin per product or service.

“We make our decisions based on this information, it’s as simple as that. Without this information we would be making inaccurate and potentially ruinous decisions.”

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