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    Full visibility of performance
  • How Directors & Managers can use Profit4 icon#2
    All areas of your business connected
  • How Directors & Managers can use Profit4 icon#3
    Streamline operations
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    Save hours of work
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    Improve customer satisfaction

Make more informed decisions

With Profit4, your management team can easily view real-time sales reports and make more informed decisions, in just a few clicks.

No technical knowledge is required with our easy-to-use interface.

Profit4 MD's dashboard screen on a laptop

All areas of your business working together

Streamline business processes by managing all your operations in one system:

View your financial performance in real-time

No need to wait for your accountant's report

With its ability to pull in all sales, supplier orders and to sync with your bank accounts... Profit4 provides you with an accurate picture of your business' financial performance in real-time.

This enables you to quickly spot any cashflow problems and to make more informed, financial decisions.

  • Real-time profit and loss reports
  • General / Nominal Ledger
  • Drillable product sales and profitability reports

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supplier viewing Profit4 accounting dashboard on a laptop
Profit4 stock management

Identify bestsellers & dead stock

Profit4 enables you to easily monitor your products' performance day-to-day.

Easily identify your bestsellers and use Profit4's optimised stock levels functionality or setup automated reordering to ensure they're never out of stock.

Profit4 also enables you to run reports to identify dead stock that has fallen below the minimum usage rate, so you can quickly take action.

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Grow your business without the need for extra staff

With its automation features, Profit4 will reduce administration costs and save your team hours of work.

It will also enable you to grow your business without having to hire additional staff to take on an increased workload.

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Warehouse worker using Profit4 to maximise productivity
Profit4 dashboard showing sales against target

Track the performance of sales against targets

Create customised, personal and team dashboards

Profit4 also provides engaging dashboards that displays your sales performance against both sales and profits' targets.

It also tracks calls, visits and quotes - so you can measure activity.

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Ultra-fast, user-friendly software

Profit4 is a Cloud-based ERP system, so it can be accessed from any location via your internet browser. Making working from home easy.

Profit4 is also a fully integrated ERP, so it doesn't have any clunky bolt-ons that make the system slow and difficult to use,

And with its highly visual dashboards, it's easy to navigate even if you don't have any prior technical or data knowledge.

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Business owner using Profit4 while in a cafe

Easy-to-use, drillable dashboards

Profit4 main dashboard

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top performers icon

Monitor top performers

Whether it’s your biggest selling product, most loyal customer or top-performing employee, you’ll have real-time and historical data to make smart predictive decisions.

search icon

Quickly pinpoint problem areas

Keep in control of your business and make the improvements you need to maximise success.

Identify the need for staff training and mentoring, highlight stock that needs to be discounted or customers that have stopped spending.

You can be proactive to avoid affecting your business reputation.

informed decisions icon

Make more informed decisions

You can be confident that your department leaders can closely monitor performance to help motivate teams to exceed targets.

Without having to export data, manipulate numbers or use multiple systems, your entire management team can easily access the data-rich dashboards they need to have 360-degree visibility.

real-time data icon

Real-time order status' that automatically update

Profit4 enables everyone in the business to view the real-time status of orders - so if a customer is ringing to query dispatch, or the warehouse is arranging shipping - everybody has full visibility.

Customisable reports icon

Customisable reports for each user

Profit4 enables each user to create and customise their own reports, ensuring they have access to the data most relevant to them in just a few clicks.



Last year we had a record year with our turnover up by 40%. We wouldn’t have been able to facilitate that growth without Profit4.

Anderson Electrical

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