Profit4 delivers the bigger picture

The wholesale and distribution industry is a competitive one, which is why it’s important that you have the data and control to outperform your competitors.

Real-time, accurate sales and business performance data are at your fingertips in visual, personalised dashboards and workspaces. You’ll have the analytics to make smarter decisions, empower your teams and make the all-important improvements to drive the business forward.

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  • How your Management team can use Profit4 icon#1
    Stay in complete control
  • How your Management team can use Profit4 icon#2
    360-degree visibility
  • How your Management team can use Profit4 icon#3
    Make data-driven decisions
  • How your Management team can use Profit4 icon#4
    Increase profitability
  • How your Management team can use Profit4 icon#5
    Plan for the future

Feature-rich to connect every department

With Profit4, your management team can easily view real-time sales reports and make more informed decisions, in just a few clicks.

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Unified data

Monitor top performers

Whether it’s your biggest selling product, most loyal customer or top-performing employee, you’ll have real-time and historical data to make smart predictive decisions.

Pinpoint problem areas

Pinpoint problem areas

Keep in control of your business and make the improvements you need to maximise success.

Identify the need for staff training and mentoring, highlight stock that needs to be discounted or customers that have stopped spending.

You can be proactive to avoid affecting your business reputation.

Make more informed decisions

Make more informed decisions

You can be confident that your department leaders can closely monitor performance to help motivate teams to exceed targets.

Without having to export data, manipulate numbers or use multiple systems, your entire management team can easily access the data-rich dashboards they need to have 360-degree visibility.

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Last year we had a record year with our turnover up by 40%. We wouldn’t have been able to facilitate that growth without Profit4.

Anderson Electrical

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