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  • Increase efficiency with our hydraulics & pneumatics ERP software icon#1
    Increase sales & profits
  • Increase efficiency with our hydraulics & pneumatics ERP software icon#2
    Fast kitting & de-kitting functionality
  • Increase efficiency with our hydraulics & pneumatics ERP software icon#3
    Deliver better customer service
  • Increase efficiency with our hydraulics & pneumatics ERP software icon#4
    Auto-calculate labour & associated costs
  • Increase efficiency with our hydraulics & pneumatics ERP software icon#5
    Automate processes to improve efficiency & reduce risks

Access all your business information in just a few clicks

With an easy-to-use interface, you have 100% visibility of your finances, stock levels and customer orders in real-time. main Profit4 dashboard screen on a laptop

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Core features:

Profit4 provides everything you need to run your hydraulics and pneumatics business:

Increase efficiency

Profit4 has been developed with the hydraulics and pneumatics sector in mind, ensuring the software can tackle the daily challenges you face and meet your complex requirements so you can improve visibility, clarity and efficiency of hundreds of processes and transactions across the business.

Profit4 delivers everything you need, from customer orders to purchasing stock and inventory control. Our integrated CRM gives power to your sales team to market to your database, communicate with your customers and close a sale.

The stock control and order management modules ensure all orders seamlessly move through the business from initial enquiry to dispatch. Even with items used in kits or components for assembly, you’ll have full visibility of your stock movements and order progress, helping you to deliver the customer service that will help you to be leaders in your industry.

We know our hydraulics and pneumatics customers find the bulk supplier pricing import feature valuable, along with the ability to integrate an eCommerce website and add labour charges as part of the Bills of Material. Automate and transform the way you operate with OGL Software.

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Wholesaler viewing Profit4 on his laptop
Profit4's finance and accounting interface on a laptop

Benefits to your business:

  • Reduce manual tasks & increase efficiency
  • Full visibility of your business' performance
  • Improve customer service
  • Get orders out faster
  • Increase sales with upsell & cross-sell prompts
  • Increase sales by selling through more channels

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Trusted within the Industry

OGL is a leading UK ERP software company, first established in 1976.

Our ERP software is used by many members of the following hydraulics and pneumatics buying groups and associations:

Ouside the Metalflex building

Explore more Profit4 features

Profit4 Sales Order Dashboard

real-time stock icon

Real-time stock control

View stock levels and locations in real-time.

This will ensure you're never out of stock of your bestsellers and can provide customers with accurate information on availability.

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Manage all your online and offline orders in one system

Profit4 can pull in orders via the telephone, your website, Amazon, eBay, your Trade Counter and more!

Enabling you to manage everything in one system. 

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Trade counter integration

Profit4 will not only pull in orders from your trade counter but has the option to have a bespoke dashboard for your trade counter team to select products and process orders.

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Real-time visibility of your financial performance

As a business owner, it's important you have full visibility of your business's financial performance.

Profit4 provides a live profit and loss dashboard, plus you can view your nominal, sales & purchasing data in one dashboard.

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Easy-to-use, customisable dashboards

Profit4 is designed with the user in mind. It is easy-to-use and each user has the option to create their own customisable dashboards so they're seeing the information most relevant to them.

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Manage multiple products easily

Profit4 is packed full of clever little features designed to save you time.

For example. if you're managing a large number of products, you can easily bulk upload/change supplier prices in just a few clicks.

Plus if you sell items made up of multiple components, you can create a single SKU for this multi-component item, so when creating an order you only have to add one SKU rather than adding all of the individual components individually.

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We will continue to use [OGL Software] for the next decade as it is unlike anything any other provider has shown us for our industry.

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