About TB Davies

TB Davies is a very impressive organisation, boasting 3.5 acre headquarters in Cardiff, Wales and a world-class product range which is second to none. All access equipment available from TB Davies is carefully designed and stringently checked to ensure the highest levels of functionality, durability and protection. Products in their portfolio include all types of ladders, stools, scaffolding towers and access platforms as well ladder accessories and the company has also branched out into industrial storage solutions and warehouse handling products.

TB Davies was established in 1945 and now employs 25 staff, has around 2,000 regular customers and holds around 500 lines in stock.

Number of Employees: 25

Partnered with OGL since: 2015

Company Location: Cardiff

Company Website: www.tbdavies.co.uk

prof.ITplus rated “stable and solid” from premier supplier of access equipment in the UK, TB Davies

We were delighted when the Head of Business Development at TB Davies, offered to spare some time to talk us about the impact prof.ITplus has had at TB Davies since installation in 2014. 

How has prof.ITplus affected your efficiency?

“It’s improved efficiency wholesale across the business but a particular example is that by investing in the Business Intelligence (BI) module, our users can now run their own reports without relying on help from more experienced team members. Our staff now base decisions on factual, accurate business data, rather than ‘best guess’ or intuition. In our purchasing department stock modelling has improved greatly because of the ease in which reports can be run by the team, in turn the availability of products to customers has improved.”

How has prof.ITplus affected your customer service?

“As our CRM database and accounts data are now integrated this has seen our customer relationships improve significantly because our team have access to more accurate customer information and history. We believe heavily in customer focus, in fact TB Davies was founded off the back of a promise our founder, Bryn Davies, made to a fellow serviceman that a job would be waiting for him back in Wales when WWII was over.”

“Keeping promises is an ethos that runs through the company to this day; if we say we can do something for a customer we do it.”

How has prof.ITplus affected your productivity?

“One of the biggest benefits of prof.ITplus is the consistency within each module, it feels the same and is familiar wherever you are in the system, and therefore it is nice and quick to navigate. We have also found that repetitive processes such as sales and purchase order entry are more streamlined, something staff have fed back as a big positive; they can focus on more interesting tasks. And of course, because the data behind the modules is more consistent, our accuracy in all our business processes has improved.”

“Another thing to mention is that our stock-picking and despatch processes are much more efficient than our previous solution, Sage 500, allowed. This means we can process more orders per day and we have extended our despatch cut-off time to 5pm which has delighted regular customers and helped us attract new ones.”

How has prof.ITplus affected your turnover?

“Early indicators are that we are reducing our customer churn and retaining more business making us more profitable. We believe this is because customers can receive orders the next day by ordering right up to 5pm. The fact that we are more accurate, have better stock availability and are more efficient has meant our technical sales advisors have more time to guide and advise customers on selecting the correct product to keep them safe when they are working at height. It is worth noting we have achieved the improvements in service and additional turnover within the existing staff numbers.”

Why did you decide to move away from your previous software, Sage 500?

“Primarily the product was no longer fully supported and wasn’t being invested in. Our CRM system was not integrated and the reporting tools no longer functioned correctly.”

Do you have any comments regarding the OGL staff who have worked with you?

“Mike Cross [Sales Consultant] was very intuitive and understood how TB Davies operated after spending a short amount of time with us and could see how well prof.ITplus could be integrated here. He agreed to tailor the package to our needs and we really couldn’t have asked for more.”

“Our Training Consultant also stood out as having a great depth of knowledge and the ability to understand how real-world businesses function and understand our needs.”

Would you recommend prof.ITplus to other organisations?

“We would be pleased to act as an ambassador for OGL and prof.IT plus.”

Are there any final comments about prof.ITplus you would like to make?

“prof.ITplus is a very stable and solid system that is easy to learn and use. Put simply, it allows us to run our business without distraction.”


"We can process more orders per day and we have extended our despatch cut-off time to 5pm which has delighted regular customers and helped us attract new ones."

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