Get 25% off your tax bill by investing in OGL Software

The super deduction tax

Get 25% off your tax bill with your next software investment with OGL Software...

Thanks to the Government's 'full expensing' tax scheme your business could benefit from some massive savings. If you've been thinking about implementing an ERP software solution, now is the time, as for every £1 you spend, you can claim up to 25p back in corporation tax.

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Your questions answered...

What is the 'full expensing' tax break?

Businesses will be rewarded for investing in new assets through a deduction in their tax bill. The Government has done this to encourage businesses to invest and help stimulate growth.

When's the deadline?

In November 2023, the UK government announced that the 'full expenses' tax break would be permanent. 

What counts as 'qualifying expenditure'?

Businesses can claim back up to 25 pence in corporation tax for every £1 they invest in IT, machinery and equipment.

The good news is ERP software qualifies under the guidance!

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