Integrated website delivers a better customer experience

integrated website offers better customer experienceIt’s easy to assume that a website is only about (a) having a presence in today’s online world and (b) selling your products online (eCommerce). Yes, websites do provide these two functions, but in addition, what fully integrated websites from OGL also enable is the ability to provide each of your customers with access to an online portal where their account details can be viewed and transactions handled.

The impact on your business is big; the time savings generated by directing your customers to the portal to resolve their own queries can be huge. You will experience a significant reduction in the number of customer queries and administrative tasks because customers are happy to self-serve online. This gives way to two options: reducing your staff overheads or allowing those staff to be deployed into areas that will drive increased business.

Auto-updated online customer portal

The online customer portals we build are accessed via a company’s website using a secure login. All of the information to populate each customer’s online portal is pulled across from OGL Software- automatically. This means that once you update the system to say an order has been despatched, the customer’s portal will auto-update to reflect this. If you also have carrier integrations, the customer could even link to your chosen carrier’s application to see the exact status of their delivery.

The portals can be configured in any way but typically would allow your customers to:

  • Place orders
  • Make payments
  • Track current orders
  • Access their bespoke pricing list
  • View order history & statements
  • Download copy invoices & statements
  • Obtain proof of delivery documents
  • View and redeem accrued loyalty points
  • Create baskets of goods for future orders
  • Enable monthly budgets
  • Set up spend approval by line manager

Customer portals give users the utmost of convenience – information is on-demand and easy to access – and account transactions can be made quickly and easily without having to call to speak to someone.

Time savings

For you, your business benefits from a significant drop in calls into the office for things such as placing orders, making payments, tracking current orders, requesting copies or checking bespoke pricing. Standard queries and processes that don’t really need your employees’ valuable time. Hours and hours of time can be saved each week.

We know some companies like to provide their customers with the personal touch by dealing with queries over the phone, but it is likely this approach will restrict your growth. There are many other ways you can maintain a personal touch – frequent visits from your representatives, personalised communications, special promotions for key customers and giveaways.

Furthermore, more and more companies expect to be able to do business online; it has come to be the norm. We frequently hear from our customers that their customers are delighted to be able to conduct business via the web in a fast convenient fashion.

Our Web Services Team build websites with outstanding levels of bespoke and customised functionality to reflect the way our customers choose to operate their business. Anything is possible from our team of expert web developers. Part of our service is to analyse your current processes and take an estimate at the kind of time savings that could be achievable with an integrated website from OGL.

Still not sure if online is the way forward for your business? A member of our team would be delighted to speak to you today about how your business could benefit.

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