About Embrass Peerless

Embrass Peerless is a family owned, independent, national distributor of plumbing brassware and wastes supplying merchants and manufacturers throughout the UK from their 45,000ft state-of-the-art warehouse facility situated in the Midlands. They currently employ 55 members of staff, have around 5,500 stock lines and approximately 1,500 1,800 customers over a 12 month period.

Number of Employees: 55

Partnered with OGL since: 2009

Company Location: Solihull, Midlands

Company Website: www.embrasspeerless.co.uk

Embrass praises warehouse management system 

Embrass Peerless has been using prof.ITplus for five years and during that time has seen their business go from strength to strength. They are yet another example of how prof.ITplus can help to grow sales revenue, with their turnover increasing two and a half fold since installing OGL’s ERP software.

Being a nationwide distributor they understand how important a good quality IT infrastructure is in order to progress their business. On hearing about Embrass Peerless’s rapid sales growth we went to visit their IT Manager, to see just how effective prof.ITplus is for their business.

“Since implementing prof.ITplus our business has significantly increased; the system has grown as we’ve grown. Since we installed it there has been no looking back. As the sales revenue has increased we’ve taken on more staff and it’s revolutionised our warehouse.”

Embrass Peerless excel with their implementation of prof.ITplus

One of the ways in which OGL has helped Embrass Peerless achieve their business potential is through prof.ITplus’ Warehouse Management System (WMS) module. WMS has been designed to increase the efficiency of warehouse operations by capturing product barcode data through rugged, handheld devices to deliver a powerful and flexible solution tailored to a business’ needs.

Embrass Peerless now have 25 barcode scanners and it has completely changed how they work for the better.

“Every member of staff in the warehouse logs onto a device and each employee has their own individual barcode. It’s really quickened our ‘picking’ process and the scanners are universal; anyone can and everyone does use them. It’s not unusual for a member of staff to pick in excess of 1,000 products a week; before we started using the Warehouse Management System we picked nowhere near those numbers.”

Embrass Peerless put an awful lot of effort and resource into running their warehouse to ensure they remain a leading, national supplier in their field. They are very warehouse focused and it shows in the way it is organised and resourced. They are aiming for their warehouse to be as efficient as possible and this ambition could not be realised without prof.ITplus.

“We live or die by how good our Warehouse Management System is and prof.ITplus is an excellent warehouse package. We’ve designed the layout of the warehouse in order to use the system most effectively which has really made the business flourish,” they explained.

“prof.ITplus tracks stock brilliantly, I can put anything in the warehouse and I know immediately where it is, which is all down to the system. It’s so simple and it’s the simple things that make all the difference.”

The team at Embrass is extremely proud of how they are using prof.ITplus and regularly take OGL clients around their warehouse so they can see just how simple and organised their warehouse management has become. “It’s so simple to understand too, you can train anyone on it – there’s no downtime.”

James Shelley is the Account Manager for Embrass Peerless and makes regular visits to the Solihull warehouse. Embrass was quick to praise the level of service provided by OGL: “We have a great relationship with James and know he’s always available on the other end of the phone. James is very attentive; if we send an email about an issue we get a phone call straight away”.

Embrass Peerless are also looking at OGL to develop other ways to improve their business. They explained: “We are currently printing over 300 picking notes a day and a host of delivery notes. We’ve been speaking to OGL about this issue as we’re looking to go paperless in the near future, which they're looking into for us”.

OGL is always happy to see a business grow using prof.ITplus and are delighted to see them using it to its full potential in order to help them significantly increase their revenue.

They concluded: “I would definitely recommend prof.ITplus to other businesses and we do so on a regular basis”.

Week-long stock taking a thing of the past at Embrass Peerless thanks to the stock control and management abilities of prof.ITplus

“Before installing prof.ITplus we used to shut down for a week before Christmas in order to conduct a stock take, which was costing the business around £80,000 every year. Another contribution to our turnover increase since going with prof.ITplus.”

“We now run perpetual stock takes throughout the year which generally take between one and two hours. We feel this is much more accurate and gives our purchasing department a better idea of where we are. Our staff also seem a lot happier doing it this way. Job satisfaction is important to us and as prof.ITplus is such an easy tool to use, anyone can be trained, so we are able to rotate employees for different jobs. Staff don’t get bored with their jobs and are generally a lot happier, which has seen productivity increase.”

  • Turnover increased 2.5 times since using prof.ITplus
  • No annual shutdown for stock taking – £80,000 a year gained
  • 1,000 products picked per week per employee
  • 5,500 product lines in stock and managed by prof.ITplus
  • Greater staff productivity and work satisfaction
  • Further potential for efficiency being explored by Embrass Peerless and OGL Computer

"Since implementing prof.ITplus our business has significantly increased, the system has grown as we’ve grown. It’s revolutionised our warehouse."

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