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About Hydraulic & Offshore Supplies

Hydraulic & Offshore Supplies (HOS) is a specialist supplier of hydraulic tube, hydraulic hose, fittings, assemblies and pipeline materials to international companies operating throughout the world.

Based in Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, they offer a tailored supply package, from a single item to complete projects, and individual supply to contract agreements. They are ideally located to air freight or sea-freight materials to all four corners of the world and excel themselves in getting materials delivered on time every time to their national and international customers. The company celebrated 30 years in business in 2015.

HOS employ 11 members of staff, has around 560 customers, take an average of 60 orders per week and has 100,000 stock lines.

Number of Employees: 11

Partnered with OGL since: 2005

Company Location: Sunderland, Tyne & Wear

Company Website: www.hos.co.uk

OGL deliver ‘wish-list’ of software requirements for long-standing customer

Hydraulic & Offshore Supplies (HOS) is a real prof.ITplus success story for OGL Computer due to its maximisation of prof.ITplus’s capabilities and the benefits that are being reaped as a result in three key areas: efficiency, customer service and reputation.

We spoke to the Marketing & Business Development Administrator at HOS, who has a fifteen year history with the company and remembers well HOS’s transition to prof.ITplus 11 years ago in 2005.

Over the course of the 11 years prof.ITplus been used in your business, what positive impact has it had?

“We use the prof.ITplus system as our main business software, it is used for our sales and purchase orders, goods returns, stock control and accounting. The software has made the company more efficient, is more capable and is much easier to use than our previous system.”

How well does prof.ITplus handle your exports to overseas?

“The system enables us to export overseas simply and efficiently. We have the ability to choose from various different currency accounts and also have different invoice layouts showing USD/Euro bank account details.”

How has prof.ITplus affected your efficiency?

“The system is very easy to use, a big impact has been seen in the inputting and despatching of sales orders. We have a busy trade counter and we have found prof.ITplus to be very easy and efficient for our hose technicians to master while dealing with customers.

“Our stock control and yearly stock take are much quicker than they used to be. With the facility to adapt the stock reports and only enter stock details, for instance where stock has changed, the procedure had been reduced by approximately 3-4 hours.”

How has prof.ITplus affected your customer service?

“prof.ITplus has increased the services we can offer our customers because we have the ability to input and save customer part numbers. We can also upload supplier price lists directly into prof.ITplus as soon as they are issued to us so we know all of the information on the system is current and we are selling at the correct prices to maintain our company margins.”

How has prof.ITplus affected your reputation?

“As a means of improving our brand and professionalism I would say it has had a positive impact on our reputation.

“The overall look of our documents and ability to email PDFs and HTML emails which contain our company logo all add to our professional image.”

Would you recommend prof.ITplus to other organisations?

“We would have no hesitation in recommending the prof.ITplus system to other companies.”

Are there any final comments about prof.ITplus you would like to make?

“In looking at various software systems 11 years ago, we found that many companies could not adapt to the way our hose assemblies were created and despatched.

“As this is a big part of our business we needed a company that could help us to create a part number which contained various different sub-components. OGL not only did this but have then further adapted the system over the years to include sub-assemblies, customer part numbers and much more.

“Because OGL were willing to adapt their system and not just merely try and sell us ‘off-the-shelf’ software it has enabled us to create and enter sales orders the way we need to, allowing us to meet the needs of our customers.

“Over the past 11 years we have submitted various ‘wish-lists’ for changes to be made to the prof.ITplus system. Many of these have been implemented which have made the system even easier for us to use.

“OGL’s constant willingness to improve the system and listen to our requirements means the software continues to be as up-to-date now as it was 11 years ago, and is, in fact, better.”

"Because OGL were willing to adapt their system and not just merely try and sell us 'off-the-shelf' software it has enabled us to create and enter sales orders the way we need to, allowing us to meet the needs of our customers."

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