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About Lizard Workwear and Safety

Lizard Workwear & Safety Limited was established in 1989 as a small family run embroidery firm and have been using prof.ITplus for 10 years. The company has gone from strength to strength and now boasts an extensive range of workwear, corporate wear and safety solutions. They provide on site bespoke embroidery and printing facilities, priding themselves on excellent customer service.

Number of Employees: 30

Partnered with OGL since: 2007

Company Location: Swansea

Company Website: www.lizardworkwear.com

Family run embroidery firm double turnover thanks to prof.ITplus software.

prof.ITplus is a market-leading ERP system that lends itself perfectly to businesses in the PPE and Workwear sector. We spoke with one of the directors of Lizard Workwear to find out how the software has impacted their business.

How did you find out about prof.ITplus?

“We heard about OGL through a recommendation from an existing user when we were moving away from our existing ERP supplier in 2007. We were previously using the Sage Line 50 system.”

Why did you choose prof.ITplus over other software systems?

“The flexibility of prof.ITplus, the fact that it was not a franchise and has the flexibility to move with the times was really key. The sales and support staff we spoke with were knowledgeable and personable which helped us understand the system. It is also scalable which allowed for growth.”

Were there any specific challenges that you wanted prof.ITplus to help solve?

“The Sage system was lagging due to the volume of products in the database, and the speed was creating productivity issues. Moving to prof.ITplus enabled me to resolve the speed issues and I found that I could redeploy sales staff as one member of staff could achieve more per day than 3 had pre-changeover.”

How do you use prof.ITplus within your business?

“prof.ITplus controls all our purchasing, sales, invoicing and accounts. It also controls our online eBay and Amazon stock and is fully integrated with our website. We have customers and suppliers with whom we integrate seamlessly through EDI and this has provided tremendous efficiencies.”

What is your favourite feature in prof.ITplus?

“The ability to have multiple windows open, being able to jump through to the correct screens (for example straight to a stock or a customer record from the order), and the logical way all the different sections are brought together.”

prof.ITplus enables you to sell on Amazon and eBay in a way that is integrated with the rest of your system. Not only does this instantly increase your potential market reach and opportunity to grow sales and profit, but prof.ITplus does it with the minimum amount of extra processes.

The dedicated module, that we call the Online Channel Hub, sends data back and forth between prof.ITplus and Amazon and/or eBay, ensuring product information such as stock level, price, availability and item description are always up-to-date. Additionally, the hub within prof.ITplus will pull through all the stored information about a product, including images, and display it as a listing on eBay for all of the stock items that you would like to sell online. This means a few extra clicks of the mouse will result in your products being available to purchase by a whole new buying audience.

"We’d certainly recommend prof.ITplus to other organisations. Without a doubt the speed and efficiency gained by using prof.ITplus has enabled us to grow rapidly. Our turnover has increased by almost 100% since 2008 yet our staff levels have reduced as the system is much more efficient."

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