About Montrose Fasteners

Montrose Fasteners, based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, is one of Europe’s premier suppliers of industrial stainless steel fixings, fasteners, tools, personal protective equipment (PPE) and consumables.

They have one of the most comprehensive stainless steel fastener stock profiles in the UK. Montrose has been using prof.ITplus since 2005, has 51 employees, 1,100 customers, 58,000 stock lines and takes an average of 600 orders per week generating an annual turnover in excess of £7,000,000.

Number of Employees: 51

Partnered with OGL since: 2005

Company Location: High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Company Website: www.themontrosegroup.com

Company-wide integration of prof.ITplus working seamlessly at lean organisation, Montrose Fasteners

Montrose Fasteners Ltd, based in Buckinghamshire, has 11 years of prof.ITplus usage under its belt and in that time has integrated the system across all functions of the organisation to great effect.

Montrose is a key player in the fasteners and fixings industry and specialises in a ‘Vendor Managed Inventory’ (VMI) system of supply and delivery to their customers. VMI is based on lean business management systems, known as ‘just-in-time’ and ‘Kanban’. In essence, Montrose will take responsibility, on behalf of their customers, for a wide range of relatively low cost fastener and fixing components and deliver them into their customers’ manufacturing processes at exactly the right time and to the exact required quantity. This offers Montrose’s customers a dramatic reduction on the ‘delivered cost’ of any component because they have no need to store components, it reduces the time spent on procurement, it lessens the burden of administration and frees up more space for production (rather than storage).

The quality of the service offered to their customers is clear to see and so too is the need for a sophisticated yet robust ERP system (enterprise resource planning) to efficiently and comprehensively manage these exemplary service levels offered to their customers.

The Financial Director at Montrose said, “The prof.ITplus software has been used across the entire business from finance and admin to operations and logistics. We like to think that we use the vast majority of the software’s features and capabilities and see it as our central resource.”

“It has allowed us to grow turnover without the proportionate growth in staff numbers whilst still offering our customers one-to-one account management.”

“The system has expanded with us and a great deal of development has provided features which have greatly improved our customer experience in line with our VMI service offering.”

Based on customer feedback and the close relationships we have with our customers, we are very confident of our claims that prof.ITplus can deliver greater organisational efficiency, better customer service levels, increased productivity and boosted turnover.

We were keen to get Montrose’s opinions on the impact prof.ITplus has had on these areas of the business:


“We’re able to automate many processes now such as booking couriers, invoicing and some purchasing functions. Clearly that makes us more efficient as the system takes care of it for us without the need for a member of staff. Having all the information in one place gives our sales people the ability to manage a larger number of accounts. For us, it’s about continually striving towards being the leanest version of ourselves possible and prof.ITplus is key to achieving that.”

Customer service

“We’ve been able to set up customised price structures within the system for key accounts so customers can log onto their online account and view their own bespoke price list. They can of course also check product information online, place orders and track orders 24/7.prof.ITplus will also automatically generate delivery notifications.”


“prof.ITplus generates a regular report to give us visibility of all pickers’ picking rates and their errors which allows us to ensure productivity expectations are being met and most importantly training needs are identified.”


“The system has freed up resources within the business to concentrate on organic growth. It has also made it possible to seamlessly integrate acquisitions into the group.”

prof.ITplus is currently in use across the UK by around 400 organisations amounting to around 7,000 individual users. The software is written by our in-house UK-based team of developers specifically for stockists, distributors and wholesalers.

 “We realised that we had to invest heavily in an ERP system to match our ambitions at Montrose, to be ahead of the competition and offer service levels that others can’t. Over the years prof.ITplus has become more and more important. Choosing the right system back in 2005 was so important; if we’d got it wrong the repercussions would have been felt across the entire organisation. We definitely came to the right decision by selecting prof.ITplus.

“I have to say I would not only recommend prof.ITplus for the functionality but also for its flexibility which enables bespoke development and not least the excellent customer service we receive from those at OGL.”

“The system has freed up resources within the business to concentrate on organic growth. It has also made it possible to seamlessly integrate acquisitions into the group.”

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